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Filename Traincraft-4.4.0_018.jar
Uploaded by NitroxydeX
Uploaded Sep 12, 2018
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 15.01 MB
Downloads 41,585
MD5 4c393dcfc964683636a77a47c380923b
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


	+ Reworked rider position math, hopefully this method will work more properly, its really stupid how different these positions are on client and server.
	+ Fixed linux support for the admin book.
	+ fixed issue with a number of freight hoppers only accepting wood items. it's a hopper, if it fits, it sits amirite?
	+ Fixed pathfinding for trains and stock to properly check for block collisions while moving on TC track.
	+ Balanced passenger cars a bit more so weaker trains meant to carry them won't have such an issue. 
	+ Fixed issue with work carts and diesels not keeping the NBT data of items when dropping them.
	+ Fixed a crash related to railcraft when placing TC rails with the track builder
	+ Fixed a crash with the track builder related to spawning particles.
	+ Fixed track builder going the wrong directions.
	+ Fixed a bug where sometimes the stake wont work on trains or rollingstock.
	+ Fixed a model position error with the MILW passenger.
	+ Fixed some rider offset issues with the MILW H1044
	+ Fixed rotation bug with the GS4 tender.
	+ Fixed an ID bug with the grey GP7 skin.
	+ Fixed model positioning of the 44tonner.
	+ Fixed an improper stat on the glyn.
	+ Fixed a typo in one of the passenger cart names.
	+ Fixed an overly expensive recipe for a wood freight cart.
	+ Trains and stock should now stop when a player logs out while in them.
	+ Fixed trains not removing themselves on destruction
	+ More fixes to crash on dismount, testing shows much better results now.
	+ Fixed a crash related to diesel trains when their fuel tank becomes empty.
	+ Fixed a crash with the datawatcher of diesel trains.
	+ Fixed trains still getting damage from projectiles.
	- Removed a debug call in the key press packet.
	- Removed some unintended logging.
	+ Hopefully the issue with shaders.
	+ Added a mising collision box.
	+ Minor performance enhancements.
	+ Added support for non-vanilla iron in the remainder of the crafting recipies.
	+ Added back support for Minefactory Reloaded plastic dust.
	+ Diesel trains now use half the fuel as normal when using refined fuel.

	+ Added the DB Oriental, originally by Mr. Brutal but finished up and converted to Toolbox by sebasver.  Icon by EternalBlueFlame.
	+ Updated the 44tonner, southern1102, C41, C41T, their tenders, the DRG baggage, combo and passenger cars all from Riggs64.
	+ Weight calculations for speed reduction got a significant rework, hauling more weight should reduce the speed a little more realistically rather than just going to roughly 65 or 0, passenger carts also got some weight rebalances because of this.

	+ Fixed an issue where rails would stop rendering when not fully off-screen.

	+ Changed the directory for the admin book data to the config folder, should fix some read/write permission issues with certain Linux distros.
	+ Admin book's organization is no longer effected by capitals.