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We've been hard at work with a lot of fixes from the last build, thanks to everyone for all the bug reporting!

We anticipate one more 1.7.10 build after this before 1.12 starts, we wanna give the community the chance to test out the changes, provide feedback, and report any bugs we missed, if it ends up being something big like a few things in this version were, it's a lot easier to get it done before we make the 1.12 jump than it would be after, because again, the 1.12 builds will be ported from this same TC 5.0 source.

Not all of the issues have been fixed, but we're down to a small number of known ones, and we anticipate some new ones from all the changes under the hood.
Know Issues:
- Many crafting items are still missing recipes.
- Running a train or stock off the end of track causes strange behavior.
- Wye switches work correctly, but the model isn't right.

- Tweaked movement calculations for straight tracks and turns to hopefully fix the random derailing. NOTE: This also broke legitimate derailing, so bad things usually happen when it goes off the edge of the track.
- Added dye slot capability to TC assembly table, along with a number of fixes and improvements to the system.
- Added back a few of the recipes for crafting parts.
- Added back ballast block.
- Fuel management and syncing now happens every 20 ticks, rather than every 10, to reduce network traffic and make fuel consumption less dramatic.
- The accelerator of a train can't be changed if another train in the consist has it's accelerator set, so no more tug of war with trains.
- The pushing force from players is nowhere near as dramatic now.
- Most data for trains and stock is now stored in XML, with processing of values being offloaded outside of NBT save/load, this should fix most, if not all issues of trains and stock not saving to world. This XML data is also synced between server and client, which increases network bandwidth a little, but fixes some syncing issues like where an entity wouldn't know it's inventory until you open it.
- Added a more proper

Gameplay fixes:
- Fixed item drop bugs with rail placement that caused it to spawn items that it shouldn't, railcraft residual heat for example.
- Fixed a crash when pressing the horn button, bonus, now horns.
- Fixed an issue with the displaylist caching that caused crashing in the creative menu.
- Fixed an issue with rail displaylists that caused crashing on some systems.
- New speed calculation for the HUD.
- Fixed a bug with keys being double bound.
- Fixed some bugs in relation to the movement on slopes.
- Removed some unnecessary and conflicting keybinds with the zeppelins.
- Fixed a number of missing language entries.
- Fixed some inventory syncing issues.
- Fixed a massive dupe glitch.
- Fixed tile entities sometimes still not being spawned on client
- Electric trains no longer consume fuel items in creative mode.
- Electric trains now check the correct position under the rails for power blocks, they also now skip the block above the rails, because they would crash into that anyway.
- Paint bucket interactions now force a model re-bake of sorts, which should fix issues with bogie models not switching between skins, and other similar errors.
- Fixed a bug where the paint bucket GUI would keep the entity yaw rotation, and mess up bogie position.
- Fixed a crash on servers related to initializing the pages of the crafting guide book, something that's only supposed to happen on client.
- Fixed several crashes on servers related to checking the wrong side of the proxy.
- Train MHP is now only added to the consist when it's actually running.
- Consist now updates when the running state of a train in it changes, since this would change the power values and such.
- Fixed an issue with XML data that caused strings to read wrong and grow each time it's reloaded.
- Fixed a rare crash related to bogie particles, or lack thereof.

Render fixes:
- Fixed the positions of the BP4 and Heisler.
- Fixed the texture binding of the FOL M1.
- Fixed the diesel generator model
- Fixed the windmill model
- Fixed some item render bugs with the lantern, water wheel, generator, and switch stand.
- Reduced overhead of basic block model.
- Fixed an issue with several entities that caused the inventory screen to become effected by the day/night cycle.
- Crafting guide book now scales properly with screen size/shape
- Crafting guide book now scales time based on system time rather than frames, so cycling through OreDirectory values actually takes two seconds now, instead of several milliseconds in some cases.