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Filename Traincraft-4.4.0_017.jar
Uploaded by NitroxydeX
Uploaded Aug 3, 2018
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 14.89 MB
Downloads 12,800
MD5 ac40e132a28f9b9e29a2b775a9bc1445
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


	+ Fixed slope reverse/get stuck finally
	- Admin book no longer logs on client side.
	+ Fixed an issue with the admin book's ability to load data from server and delete entries.
	+ Chunkloading changes to improve reliability.
	+ Fixed a large number of bugs with rider offsets.
	+ Fixed some rendering bugs with the switchstand.
	+ Fixed a bug where the switchstand dropped the wrong item.
	+ Right clicking while in a train no longer makes you re-mount it.
	+ Diesel trains now sync fluid storage when off.
	+ Fixed an issue with diesel trains not properly draining.
	+ Fixed various linking distance issues.
	+ Linking calculations have been partially reworked, they should be more reliable now.
	+ Fixed some missing recipies.
	- Removed some debug console logging that was left in by accident.
	+ Fixed some texture issues with a couple trains.
	+ Fixed various issues with the language files, and a few languages got much needed updates.
	+ Fixed an issue where threaded rendering would cause issues with texture binding.
	+ Fixed an issue where tracks and HUD would be transparent or discolored when 3rd party mods don't clear GL properly.
	+ Fixed a slot bug with the hearth furnace where it doesn't always see its inventory.
	+ Fixed some potential typecast errors to improve overall stability.
	+ Very minor performance improvements.
	+ Reworked some inventory sizes to be a bit more balanced.
	+ Fixed an ID bug that was causing a large number of random errors, like accordian trains on login.
	+ Rails now have more proper collision boxes, should fix some crashes.
	+ Fixed a bug where the tracks builder would randomly lose speed over time, or start moving at really high speeds.
	+ Fixed a bug where the tracks builder would consume more rail items than it used.
	+ Fixed a bug with the tracks builder either not playing sounds or crashing when trying to.
	+ Fixed a GUI bug where abnormally long numbers would render and block other parts of the GUI.
	+ Fixed a permissions issue where the player could couple and decouple trains and stock they didn't own.
	+ Riding a train or rollingstock now gives you a tier 5 resistane buff, to protect the player from arrows and short tunnles.
	+ Trains and rollingstock should no longer "log out" with the player.
	+ Electric trains now accept Redstone blocks, their storage capacity was also buffed to actually have room for that much redstone.

	+ Rideable flatcars now let you interact with other trains and stock.
	+ Lumber rollingstock can now carry planks, slabs, stairs, ladders, and logs. They also take vanilla fences and gates (there's no ore directory for them so vanilla is the best we got).
	+ Track builder now accepts TC's small straight track and can place them.
	+ Track builder can now restock it's inventory from attached rollingstock.
	+ Two additional GP7 skins, because wcfb75 has an obsession.

	+ Hearth furnace now accepts all the burnables that vanilla does.

	+ Admin book now sorts alphabetically.
	+ Admin book logging can now be disabled, to help the really weak servers.