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Filename Traincraft-4.4.0_015.jar
Uploaded by NitroxydeX
Uploaded Apr 22, 2018
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 14.88 MB
Downloads 6,015
MD5 dc97cdbd52c411160f7d7ab35610c3ad
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


	+ Fixed render positions and linking distances for various trains and rollingstock.
	+ Added a large number of missing smoke and steam effects.
	+ Complete overhaul to the snow plow, now it actually plows in a 3x3 area in front of it.
	+ Fixed a gui bug with fluid names not expanding the text box.
	+ B-Units now support all the same fuels that diesel trains do.
	+ Fixed a freeze-esk lag that happens when interacting with the assembly table.
	+ Fixed a crash when zeppelins run into a cactus or get destroyed in general by a non-player.
	+ Forced Texture binding now works again, this helps some systems and hurts others, so toggle it in config see which one is better.
	+ Various fixes to train speeds and mhp thanks to Mutt_1066
	+ Fixed bug where additional tooltip info sometimes didn't display.
	+ Fixed a crash related to switch tracks.
	+ Fixed some enum entries for trains that were marked as creative only.
	- Removed some unused NBT data, might help prevent a degree of bugs.
	+ Fixed several potential crashes with linking calculations.
	+ Fixed diesel trains not consuming fuel.
	+ Fixed improper B-unit descriptions.
	+ Fixed a number of recipe issues.
	+ Fixed a bug with the composite suit helmet flashing nightvision.
	+ Various fixes to the language files.
	+ Tankers and B-units now use the stock/texturepack textures and fonts for hovering text.
	- Removed several useless variables to help RAM consumption.
	+ Reworked some portions of the math and logic to help reduce CPU overhead due to variable instancing.
	+ Any cart that accepts planks will now accept plank slabs.
	+ Startup time is reduced a good bit thanks to a patch from TataTawa
	+ Chunkloading now runs in 3x3 rather than 5x5, should be a lot easier on servers, and hopefully more reliable.
	+ Trains and rollingstock can no longer be struck by lightning, this should help fix the random explosions.
	+ Calendar now stops christmas skins on jan 7th (day after the 12th day of christmas), instead of on feb 1st.
	+ Reduced the volume on one of the louder horns, hopefully it wont be blasting eardrums anymore.
	+ Messages for trains destroyed by operators can now be disabled.
	+ Train GUI's now show their fuel values on mouseover.

	+ Added a working switchstand by Thomas4peyton
	+ Added the new Admin book
		You must be OP(Operator) to use it and it's only available in the creative menu.
		This book keeps log of every train and stock on the server, and the various information of it.
		In the event a train gets lost the book will list it's last known position, and additionally you can spawn back the inventory if it's lost from a crash or data issue.
		Entries are automatically deleted when the related train or rollingstock is removed by a player, mob, tnt, or other normal gameplay method (including other mods) to prevent any chance of cheating the system.
	+ Composite armor can now be repaired and renamed on the anvil.
	+ Composite armor now has the same defense as iron to make it more balanced.

	+ Fixed the propaganda cars having 1mhp instead of 1 ton in weight.
	+ C41 w/ tender model and texture by Riggs64
	+ C41 tanker model and texture by Riggs64
	+ Denver Rio Grande car set models and textures by Riggs64
	+ 44 Tonner model and texture by Riggs64
	+ Southern 1102 w/ tender model and texture by Riggs64
	+ DB E10 Model and textures by Sebasver
	+ Rheingold set red textures by Sebasver
	+ BR 185 Rheingold texture by Sebasver
	+ Rheingold car set model and texture by Sebasver
	+ 8 BR 185 textures by iStanley
	+ Flat Car Logs texture by Atilamaster
	+ Freight Gondola texture by Atilamaster
	+ Flat Car texture by Atilamaster
	+ Rail Car texture by Atilamaster
	+ Freight Wagon texture by Atilamaster
	+ Tank Wagon texture by Atilamaster
	+ BR 185 texture by Altilamaster
	+ 12 GP7 textures by wcfb75
	+ 3 CD742 textures by Ondar
	+ Blue passenger car texture by Ondar
	+ 2 Freight Hopper(US) textures by Mutt_1066
	+ Gondola(US) texture by Mutt_1066
	+ Wellcar remodel and textures by Broscolotos
	+ F3A&B UP texture by Broscolotos
	+ Daylight car set(model and texture) by Broscolotos
	+ 3 Daylight car set textures by Broscolotos
	+ Three Dome Tanker model & texture by Broscolotos
	+ Bulkhead model by Broscolotos
	+ Bulkhead texture by Trainman
	+ 100ton Hopper model by Broscolotos, and Trainman
	+ 100ton Hopper texture by Trainman
	+ Hiawatha (set) models by Gevoo, Broscolotos, and Trainman
	+ Hiawatha textures by Trainman
	+ Heavyweight Mailcar model and texture by ApocTheWanderer
	+ 0-6-0 Pannier model and texture by Larky2k
	+ GWR Toad BreakVan model and texture by Larky2k