Track It Up

121 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 3, 2018 Game Version: 1.8.9

You are playing on a server, having a plan to do but can't remember the progress? You are playing Survival and want to see how many ores you have mined? Then this mod is for you!


What it can do

It can track your own set goals and you can increase/decrase the progress in just one key press. For example you want to kill 50 players in a PvP game, you can set it up to display on the HUD and when you killed someone, you simply press the '+' key.



The mod has its own commands, and can be used both in Singleplayer or Multiplayer.

/TrackItUp: Opens the mod's settings GUI.

/makegoal <name> <goal> <currnet>: Makes a new goal, overriding the old goal.

/progress <number>: Adds the number into the current progress. Typing a negative number will decrase it.

/set <name | goal | progress> <argument>: Sets the specified goal's arguments.

/setXY <X> <Y>: Sets the position of the mod's HUD on the screen.

/toggle: Toggles whether the mod's HUD is displayed on the screen.


Key bindings

The mod also uses some key bindings for the convenience of controlling the mod. Below lists the default key bindings and their uses. They are all customizable via the Controls menu.

+ on numpad: Increases the progress by 1.

- on numpad: Decrases the progress by 1.

Enter on numpad: Toggles the mod's HUD's visibility.

* on numpad: Opens the mod's settings GUI.





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