The One Wrench (All in One Edition)

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The successor to NHAVE's OmniWrench for Minecraft 1.7.10.

The mod  adds the Wrench to rule em all.

Instead of being divided into sepperate mods for integrations, it is now all in one mod with cofigs to turn individual features


  • Adds only a few items.
  • New Shader system wich can be disabled.
  • More powerful integration and mode system.
  • All features in one mod.
  • Tons of config options.
  • Unified integrations.


  • Download and Install Minecraft Forge if not already done.
  • Backup your Worlds (it shouldnt corrupt your world but its still a good thing to do).
  • Download NHAVE's Core and put it in your '/mods' folder'.
  • Download the mod and put it in your '/mods' folder'.


  • V2.0.3
    • Requires: NHAVE's Core V 4.0.0+
    • Added: Cyberware (Robotic parts) Integration
      • Properly rotates multiblock machines
  • V2.0.2
    • Requires: NHAVE's Core V 4.0.0+
    • Added: Engineers Workshop Integration
  • V2.0.1
    • Requires: NHAVE's Core V 4.0.0+
    • Updated: Sonar Core Integration
    • Added: New Event Shaderpack
    • Added: Halloween Shader obtainable from 10/24 to 11/7
  • V2.0.0
    • Requires: NHAVE's Core V 4.0.0+
    • Updated: Mod to Minecraft 1.12+
    • Updated: Most integrations except Sonar Core
    • Added: Unity handling to some integrations (Major changes can be disabled in the config)
    • Added: Modular Machinery integration (Unity)
  • V1.2.0
    • Requires: NHAVE's Core V 3.2.0+
    • Added: Supporters Shader
    • Added: Two new shaders. (Siva and SurosV2)
  • V1.1.1

    • Requires: NHAVE's Core V 3.1.0+
    • Added: PSI integration
      • Rotation is now done in Wrench Mode
      • Cad Assembler and Programmer can now be dismantled
      • Dismantling the Cad Assembler will now safely drop its items
    • Added: XNet integration
      • Cables and Facades can now be dismantled in Wrench Mode
    • Added: Six new Shaders. (Hazardous, Omolon, Häkke, Veist, Doomfist and Mercy)
    • Fixed: The Forestry Analyzer can now be rotated and dismantled in Wrench Mode
    • Fixed: The Forestry Escritoire can now be rotated properly in Rotation Mode
    • Changed: OmniWrench no longer accepts Chroma if current Shader does'nt support it
    • Tweaked: Shader Tooltips
      • 'OmniWrench Shader' shows as first entry of the tooltip
        Helps sepperating shaders and searching in JEI
      • Shader specific tooltips now only shows when holding Shift
      • 'Chroma Enabled' now shows if shader accepts it and your holding Shift
  • V1.1.0
    • Added: Forestry integration
      • Custom rotation handler to prevent wierd rotations like Apiary facing up
      • Full rotation for Engines including original behavior when next to an RF Machine
      • Block dismantling with config options for all Forestry modules
    • Added: Immersive Engineering integration
      • Multiblock support
      • Hammer behavior on blocks like Conveyors and Capacitors
    • Added: New Shader 'Zero Dawn'
  • V1.0.0
    • Recoded from scratch 
    • Changed: name to The One Wrench
    • Updated: to Minecraft 1.11.2 and Forge


  • Should be none.


Modpacks are always alowed as long as you credit me, link to this page

and dont make money of it.

Special Thanks

  • To Voxel_Friend for the awesome Bloodbound, Flux-Infused and Cryostatic Shaders.
  • To Team Cofh for inspiring me to make this mod.


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