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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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The core containing common functions used by my mods.


  • A bunch of functions to make modding easyer.
  • A couple of tweaks for Vanilla Minecraft.
  • A Chroma System to handle Item coloring wich can depend on anything you can access on the client.
  • A HUD Overlay Handler and a Chroma supported Item, the Data Glass to show the HUD.
  • And a new Block, the Tool Station it has no GUIs just place items on top, it can also be rotated and dismantled with the Wrench.


  • Download and Install Minecraft Forge if not already done.
  • Backup your Worlds (it shouldnt corrupt your world but its still a good thing to do).
  • Download the mod and put it in your '/mods' folder'.


  • V4.0.3
    • Moved: Tileentity removal to the client side to allow machines to drop their inventories when mined with a pickaxe
  • V4.0.2
    • Fixed: ItemHelper using client methods when getting players armor inventory
  • V4.0.1
    • Fixed: Client side crash when removing one machine and then placing another one in the same blockspace
  • V4.0.0
    • Updated to Minecraft 1.12+
  • V3.2.0
    • Added: New feature the Lock and Key
      • Machines can now be lock to the owner of it
    • Added: New Item the Energized Pearl as a crafting component
    • Added: New Block the Machine Frame as a base for my machines
    • Added: New Block the Display Stand this simply just displays any item you want
    • Reworked: Texures now fits the futuristic design i was going for
  • V3.1.0
    • Added: Support for The One Probe and Waila
    • Added: config to disable showing blocks and entities on HUD if TOP or Waila is installed
    • Added: configs for crafting of Chromas (All, Rainbow and Tracker)
    • Added: Small Easter Egg (But you have to look through the Source Code to find it)
  • V3.0.0
    • Recoded from scratch 
    • Updated: to Minecraft 1.11.2 and Forge
    • Added: Block Tool Station for moding/upgrading items
    • Added: Item Wrench to rotate and dismantle blocks added by my mods
    • Added: Item Data Glass to show hud information of compatible items (Not needed if ForceShowHud is enabled in config, although it looks cool and it supports Chroma)
    • Added: New key handler (supports mousewheel and a keybind tha can be set in the Options menu)
    • Added: New Chroma API (Item coloring system)
      • All 16 colors
      • Rainbow Chroma (Changes between 16 colors)
      • Tracker Chroma (Changes from green to red when monsters is in range 15 - 5 blocks, flashes red and black when monster are within 3 blocks away)
    • Added: Hud Overlay for items and armor
    • Added: Experimental item widgets (Must be enabled in config)
    • Added: Command Blocks , Structure Blocks and Barrier Blocks to creativetab Redstone and Command Minecart to the Transport tab
    • Tweaked: Ender Pearls and Snowballs stacksize to 64
    • Added: Config handler
      • Hud location and size
      • Option to Force Show Hud
      • Option to enable the Experimental Widget system
      • Option to show Keybind actions in chat
      • Options to tweak Vanilla Items and Blocks
  • V2.0.11
    • Changed: Hud Items now has the ablility to detect if its equiped in an armor slot (This requires updating of all mod using it)
  • V2.0.10
    • Added: Armor support for the Hud Overlay
  • V2.0.9
    • Added: New item, the 'Shader Remover' to replace the use of feathers to remove shaders from other items
    • Added: New item, the 'Digital Compass' it actually points towards North, it can also be set to find home or even turned off
  • V2.0.8
    • Added: Waila support for the Tool Station to show the current item on it
  • V2.0.7
    • Added: Buildcraft compatible wrench
    • Added: Tweaked Snowballs and Enderpearls maxStackSize to 64
  • V2.0.6
    • Fixed: Tool Station now Syncs properly between server and client
    • Fixed: Tool Station now drops it Item if the block on top of it is not air
    • Changed: Tool Station can now only hold one Item at the time
    • Changed: Player no longer needs to have an empty hand to pickup the Item on the Tool Station
    • Disabled: Anvil Crafting the Tool Station is now the primary way to modify your tools
  • V2.0.5
    • Added: Rendering of item on top of the Tool Station with rotation
    • Fixed: Tool Station not dropping its items when mined with a normal pickaxe
  • V2.0.4
    • Added: Game tweak configs
    • Added: Foundation for Tool Modding no more need for anvils (They still work as long this is in BETA)
    • Added: New Block the 'Tool Station' this block is ment to replace anvils for Tool Modding plus it has no GUIs
  • V2.0.3
    • Moved: HUD Handler from NHWRENCH to NHLIB to support multible mods
  • V2.0.2
    • Not Compatible with NHWRENCH version 3.0.5 and below. Please update NHWRENCH to version 3.0.6+!
    • Cleaned: A lot of code including the KeyHandler
    • Changed: Interface "IKeyBound" to have support for Client Chat Messages
  • V2.0.0
    • Added:  A brand new shader system to be used by my mods.
  • V1.0.0
    • Added:  Uploaded for first time.


Modpacks are always alowed as long as you credit me, link to this page

and dont make money of it.

Legacy Builds

For Legacy builds see the following page.


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