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Totem Expansion

Totem Expansion

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Totem Expansion expands upon vanilla Minecraft's Totem of Undying by adding new totems and mechanics.




As of version 1.2.0, the mod improves upon vanilla's totem of undying and adds 9 new totems.


General Improvements:

You no longer need to hold totems in your hand to have them activate, just having them in your inventory support. 


Holding sneak with levitation will will bring you downwards.


Totems can be crafted, first make a totem base out of clay and sticks. Hostile mobs will sometimes drop "Totem heads" than can then be applied to the base.




Totem of Undying

Vanilla's totem, will save you from death.

Totem of Ascending

Will save you from a fatal fall or falling into the void

Totem of Smouldering

Will save you if you fall into lava

Totem of Breathing

Saves you from the depths

Totem of Defusing

Defuses and explosions you are involved in

Totem of Repairing

Repairs a broken tool after it breaks

Totem of Spelunking

Detects ores around the player

Totem of Advancing

Advances Time 10 hours

Totem of Recalling

Brings you back home


The Witch Doctor


You may find a Witch Doctor within a village, this villager will sell you totem heads 


Mod Compatibility

This mod supports baubles. All totems can be placed in the charm slot.



Mod Spotlight (V1.1.2) by Mickson



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