Sleep Rework


Sleep Rework


Sleep Rework is a mod designed do solve some issues I had with the Minecraft sleep system:

  • Sleep is always available to the player, allowing them to avoid night, thus avoiding all potential challenge
  • Sleep is almost required due to Phantoms

I know some people may disagree, so this mod may not be for you, but it is fairly configurable so you may be able to tweak it to your liking.


Fabric Requires: Fabric API, Architectury API
Forge Requires: Architectury API


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Bug Reporting

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Here's the quick rundown:

  • The player can not sleep until they reach 100% tiredness.
  • Tiredness increases over time
  • Potions can be brewed to speed up or slow down tiredness accumulation
  • Phantoms will start to spawn when the player reaches 300% (by default) tiredness



Tiredness is a value attached to every player. Your current Tiredness level can be seen within your inventory by hovering over the "Zzz" icon.

The tiredness display

When your Tiredness level reaches 100%, you will be able to sleep. At 0 - 99%, you will recieved a "You may not rest now; You are not tired enough" message when attempting to use a bed.

Too tired text

After successfully sleeping, your tiredness will be reset to 0%. The maximum level of Tiredness is 500%.


When your tiredness level reaches 300% (by default), Phantoms have a chance to spawn on you. As your tiredness level increases, more Phantoms will spawn at once.


Sleep Rework adds two new types of potion:

Liveliness Liveliness will decrease your Tiredness gain by 0.5x (by default) per potion level. Liveliness Potions can be brewed with an Awkward Potion and a Honeycomb.

Drowsiness Drowsiness will increase your Tiredness gain by 2x (by default) per potion level. Drowsiness Potions can be brewed by corrupting a Liveliness Potion with a Fermented Spider Eye

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