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This mod adds 3 boost charms which can be used as an alternative to fireworks when using elytras.


All charms have a base cooldown of 7.5 seconds per use and a boost duration of 1 second. The charms can be enchanted to increase their usefulness:

  • Efficiency (The vanilla enchant): Reduces the amount of energy used per activation.
  • Fight Duration: increases the boost duration by 1 second per level (up to level 4) for a total of up to 5 seconds.
  • Cooldown Reduction: Reduces the cooldown of a charm by 1 second per level (up to level 5).


  • Basic Boost Charm
    • 128 Uses before efficiency.
    • Needs to charged by being subjected to explosions. Throw the item into the world and cause an explosion (TNT, creeper, etc). The stronger the explosion, the more charged the charm will get. But don't overdo it. 
    • Does not break once empty.
  • Powered Boost Charm
    • Can be charged with Forge Energy (and any compatible energy system) instead of explosions.
    • 25k FE storage, 250 FE per use before efficiency
    • Supports in-inventory charging from battery-like items like ThermalExpansion Capacitors.
    • Will only have a crafting recipe if Thermal Expansion, Immersive Engineering or EnderIO are installed (because I'm lazy :P feel free to suggest more recipes for other mods)
  • Infinite Boost Charm
    • Infinite Durability, no crafting recipe by default.

The mod also provides configuration options for most features in this mod, including durability, repair modifier, cooldowns, etc.


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