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The three tomes, and the three hearts used to make each one.A wild wolf, tamed spider and spectral steed.How the tome appears in the offhand and how some of the spells affected my world.


Have you ever wanted to cast spells in Minecraft?


Now you can! Introducing Tomes, a mod commissioned by the amazing Dandrawer, full of active and passive spells that are casted from tomes crafted by the player.


Each tome type has 4 potential active spells, and 3 passive spells. Each tome can only have a single active spell which can be casted with a right-click, but passive spells can stack and will continuously have an effect as long as the tome is in your hand (or off-hand)! How do you put spells on the tome you ask?  Simple, you enchant it! Enchanting the tome will imbue it with spells. Only a level 30 enchant can apply active spells however, so stack up those bookshelves! Once enchanted with spells, the book will lay open in your hand when held. Each active spell used will damage the book's durability, but this can be fixed by repairing it with the same heart used to make it!


So where do you get the hearts then? From mobs, obviously! The archaic heart will drop from zombies, the beating heart will drop from villagers/illagers, and the sweet heart will drop from witches. There are some useful and awesome spells out there, so have fun!


Tome Enchants/Spells and What They Do:


= Archaic Tome Spells |  = Living Tome Spells | = Cursed Tome Spells

Active Spells:

Self Propulsion: Launches the player almost 10 blocks in the air! If a jump is timed right before the spell, the player can squeeze out ~5 blocks more distance! Also applies an effect for a few seconds called Light-Footed which will prevent any fall damage and remove itself as soon as the player touches the ground.

Force of Wind: Pushes any mobs in front of the player in a decent area towards wherever the player is looking with a gust of wind.

Strike From Above: Attempts to summon a bolt of lightning on whichever block the player is aiming at. Has a pretty huge range! 

Everchanging Skies*: Toggles the weather between sunny and rainy. Switching to rainy has a 1-in-3 chance to cause a thunderstorm! 

Lifebringer: Any crop within a 7x7x7 area centred on the player will be bonemealed, and any animal within the same area will be put into breed-mode.

Beast Tamer: Will tame any vanilla animal that can be tamed, and as a bonus can also be used to tame regular spiders! The tamed variant of spiders can be fed meat to heal and their green glow will fade with lower health. The tamed spider will also not take fall damage, using a web to cushion it's impact! 

Wild Aid: Summons a Wild Wolf for 2 minutes that will act almost exactly like a normal tamed wolf before poofing away once time's up. They can slowly regenerate health, so no need to exhaust your meat supply.

Molding Lands*: Converts all grass, log and leaf blocks nearby the player into mycelium, mushroom stem, and red or brown mushroom blocks respectively. Mushrooms will also grow on the new mycelium blocks!

Mind Bender: Right-click on a mob to apply the Mind Bend status effect, which will cause the affected mob to follow you aimlessly, completely pacified and unable to attack. This spell could find some use to pacify monsters, but the more useful case would be to use it to bring home animals and such. This effect can not be applied to mobs with more than 20 health(10 hearts).

Ghostly Steed: Summons a Spectral Steed for 10 minutes; a ghostly skeleton horse that has decent stats and regenerates health slowly. This horse does not have an accessible inventory due to its nature. Very useful for travel on command!

Withering Stench: Launches a spray of vile stench wherever the player is aiming. It pierces, and anything hit is given the withering effect for 10 seconds. Not exactly the best as a main weapon, but useful to have in the off-hand during a fight for an extra bit of damage! 

Dark Age*: Sets the time to night when used.


Passive Spells:

Dying Knowledge: Any experience picked up will be affected by a 1.5x multiplier! 

Linguist: Enchantment hints in the enchanting table will no longer show one enchantment, but instead show a list of exactly what you will get! 

Airy Protection: When the player is hit by a projectile, there is a 50% chance that the projectile is reflected back at the attacker.

Nurturing Roots: Your hunger will go down much slower while standing on grass.

Advantageous Growth: When you break most crops, the bounty will be doubled!

Forest Affinity: While in any kind of forest biome, you gain regeneration and resistance.

Rotten Heart: Creepers, spiders, zombies and skeletons will be completely passive to you, but health regeneration and replenishment will be weakened with the Leaden Veins effect. 

Nocturnal: At night the player receives night vision, strength and speed.

Coven's Rule: Witches will be passive to the player, and can be traded with for stuff. They have a 50% chance to carry a rarer, one-time-only trade, sometimes a rare enchantment* for your tomes, sometimes a totem of undying!


*These spells are a rare treasure enchantment like mending, only being found as loot or potentially traded from a witch. They can not be obtained by using an enchanting table.


Crafting Recipes:


Crafting recipes for Tomes mod!

(Any sapling can be used on the Living Tome recipe!)



Configs are available too! Configure drop chances for the hearts and the cooldown and cost of active spells in the tomes-config.toml in the config folder!


If you like the mod or wanna know more, drop by my discord! <3



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