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 Welcome to TofuCraftReload, TofuCraft mod in 1.12.2 minecraft.

TofuCraft is a mod that all about tofu.


First of all, soybeans.
Pick weeds to find soybeans growing mixed in them.
How to cultivate is the same as wheat or carrots.


Make tofu as food, or solidify tofu and use it for armor etc.


And There is a new world that is full of tofu! Tofu World!

Tofu foods, Tofu animals, Tofu Mobs and a new Boss in tofu forest.


Have fun in TofuCraftReload ;)


If you want Discussion about this mod? join that discord!


Supported Mod:

Farmer's delight (Add More Food)


Create(Suppport Automation)



Rutl-Tri(He made TofuWorld Music!)


Tip: how to make tofuportal in 1.14.4?

1.First, place grilledtofu like this


2.Then pour soymilk into it

3.Click the center of the portal with tofustick to complete



screen shots:






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