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Tmc-ServerBasics is a mod that I wrote to help me remember which Gamerules there are, what the defaults are, and some useful commands that I frequently use on all my servers.


This mod specifically targets administrators or developers with Op Level 4. Some features will not work unless you have this elevated access. It is nothing fancy and does not have a lot of bells and whistles as it was designed more for convenience and maintenance of servers.


This mod helps the administrators who setup and manage Minecraft Servers. There are specific commands and features they can make to enhance the users experience.


Commands (5): /commands - Opens website to to get list of commands

Note: The default settings in the configuration file is listed below. Administrators can choose to override any of the commands to make them available to OPS or ALL.


Player Commands

  /del-home - Deletes the current home setting for the player

  /die - Immediate Death by being crushed

  /go-home - Returns player to their home setting used in /sethome

  /random-tp - Random Teleport Player somewhere on server (using /spreadplayers command)

  /recycle - Opens inventory UI so players can drop items in to recycle (delete)

  /set-home - Sets the NBT Player Tags for X, Y, Z to current location

  /spawn - Takes the player to worldspawn


Admin Commands

  /day - Sets the current in-game time to 10:00AM

  /feedme - Sets food levels up to 20 and saturation to 10 - quick fix when you are starving with no food around

  /fly-on - Turns on Fly mode

  /fly-off - Turns off Fly mode

  /gma - Changes players gamemode to Adventure

  /gmc - Changes players gamemode to Creative

  /gms - Changes players gamemode to Survival

  /gmsp - Changes players gamemode to Spectator

  /getrules - Displays a list of all gamerule settings

  /god-off - Changes player to be invulnerable

  /god-on - Changes player back to being vulnerable

  /healme - Heal yourself

  /night - Sets the current in-game time to 10:00PM

  /rain-off - Turns off the in-game weather for raining/snowing depending on biome

  /rain-on - Sets the in-game weather to raining/snowing depending on biome

  /repair - Repairs item in your hand

  /resetrules - Opposite of /setrules to reset back to default values

  /serverhelp - Opens chat with shortcut links to get this information

  /setrules - Sets keepInventory=true, doFireTick=false, doVinesSpread=false & doWeatherCycle=false

  /speedup - Change players walking speed by a factor of 2 for about 30 seconds

  /storm-off - Turns off thunder and lightning when raining

  /storm-on - When raining, thunder and lightning will be turned on

  /worldspawn - Allows administrator to set the worldspawn location for all players


File Location: /{minecraft world}/config/serverbasicsconfig.json

Command Options: ALL - all players, OPS - Level 4 Ops Only


  "enable_commands": true,

  "command_commands": "OPS",

  "enable_welcome_message": true,

  "command_mod-commands": "ALL",

  "welcome_message": "Welcome to our server ",

  "enable_player_join": true,

  "command_day": "OPS",

  "command_del-home": "ALL",

  "command_die": "ALL",

  "command_feedme": "OPS",

  "command_fly-on": "OPS",

  "command_fly-off": "OPS",

  "command_gma": "OPS",

  "command_gmc": "OPS",

  "command_gms": "OPS",

  "command_gmsp": "OPS",

  "command_getrules": "OPS",

  "command_god-off": "OPS",

  "command_god-on": "OPS",

  "command_go-home": "ALL",

  "command_healme": "OPS",

  "command_night": "OPS",

  "command_rain-off": "OPS",

  "command_rain-on": "OPS",

  "command_random-tp": "ALL",

  "command_recycle": "ALL",

  "command_repair": "OPS",

  "command_resetrules": "OPS",

  "command_serverhelp": "OPS",

  "command_setrules": "OPS",

  "command_set-home": "ALL",

  "command_spawn": "ALL",

  "command_speedup": "OPS",

  "command_storm-off": "OPS",

  "command_storm-on": "OPS",

  "command_worldspawn": "OPS"



The file instructs your minecraft server on what state to be in, who can access the server and what defaults you want to start with. Normally, this is a one-time setup but when starting a new server, you may need to tweak these settings.


There are many default settings that can restrict or enable access to your server. All server owners should read, test and understand what each option provides. Depending on who or what you want to allow access to the server for, many settings may need to change from their defaults.

How to configure this file can be found here.


The whitelist.json file instructs your minecraft server exactly who can access the server and what their corresponding registered Minecraft User Name and UUID are. Only these accounts will be allowed access to the server. This is especially useful to keep hacked clients (pirated software) off your server for your protection as well as other players. If the player won't pay for Minecraft, they will most likely not follow other rules you impose.

How to configure this file can be found here.


The ops.json file assigns elevated access to players joining. The default Op Level is configured in the, but having the Player Name & UUID here either increases or decreases what they can do.

How to configure this file can be found here.


TmTmc-ResourcePack: Want to get HD images for all the blocks, items, etc, then add this ResourcePack. Supports HD Image of Gravel Blocks. The same Resource/Texture Pack supports all released TmTmc Mods (TmTmc-Gravels, TmTmc-OresAndMore & TmTmc-ServerBasics). Also includes HD Textures for Coarse Dirt, Cobblestone, Dirt, Mossy Cobblestone, and Stone


For crafting and smelting recipes, we recommend using JEI as it provides all the recipes when you click on a block/item. 


This mod is made with MCreator mod maker. If you want to make a mod too, check their website 


Maps/Worlds Tested: Single Player and MultiPlayer Server

Mod (some) Compatibility: Better Title Screen, BetterF3, Cycle Paintings, JEI, MineColonies, Portable Mobs, TmTmc-Gravels, TmTmc-ServerBasics


Our other Projects

TmTmc-ServerBasics is available for Forge 1.18.2, 1.19.2, 1.19.4 & 1.20.1 and NeoForge 1.20.4

TmTmc-Gravels is available for Forge 1.18.2, 1.19.2, 1.19.4 & 1.20.1 and NeoForge 1.20.4

TmTmc-ResourcePack is available for Forge 1.18.2, 1.19.2, 1.19.4 & 1.20.1 and NeoForge 1.20.4