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Filename TConstruct-1.18.2-
Uploaded by KnightMiner
Uploaded Jan 22, 2023
Game Version 1.18.2   +2
Size 14.69 MB
Downloads 221,132
MD5 f8d87c7610e554b500a9b9d111b56192
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Supported Java Versions
Java 17
Supported Minecraft 1.18 Versions



  • Armor with the golden modifier can now be repaired using gold
  • Travelers armor is now slightly stronger in unarmed combat

Tool Renaming * Tools can now be renamed once again * The Tinker Station allows naming any new tool * The Tinkers Anvil allows renaming a tool during any modification


  • Encyclopedia mention armor unarmed damage penalties under chestplates
  • Tinkers Gadgetry now has pages about the modifier worktable in its odd modifiers section


  • Fix Mantle dependency string
  • Fix plate armor embellishments showing a missing texture
  • Fix possible conflict with mods that construct item stacks before tags are loaded
  • Fix material modifier recipe builder using the wrong JSON key
  • Fix unarmed debuff only applying when ambidextrous. Note the way I had to fix this means any custom chestplates will need to apply the fix in the tool definition
  • Fix modifier extraction exploit involving incremental modifiers

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