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Filename TConstruct-1.18.1-
Uploaded by KnightMiner
Uploaded Mar 14, 2022
Game Version 1.18.1   +2
Size 12.06 MB
Downloads 159,761
MD5 ee2250a7db7f361da621f7906edb5043
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 17
Supported Minecraft 1.18 Versions


Requires a Mantle update

Most likely the last 1.18.1 release, next 1.18 release will be 1.18.2


  • Added bamboo as a new wood variant, and allow it for repairs of wooden tools
  • Basalt now has a unique texture
  • Added darkthread - binding exclusive material that grants looting
  • Added ancient hide - binding exclusive material that grants fortune
  • Added tool action to firestarter for compat with a campfire mod
  • Slimesuit can now be embellished with clay and honey
  • Plate armor can now be embellished with obsidian and debris
  • Fix pickaxes not dropping enough geode shards

Added Amethyst Bronze

  • Replaces Tinker's Bronze (Tinker's Bronze is removed)
  • Alloyed from copper and amethyst
  • Has the crumbling trait, which boosts mining speed against blocks that don't require a tool. Ideal for a pickaxe that also breaks dirt, or to boost mattock's speed against wood

Rework tool tiers

  • Copper is now tier 1 instead of tier 2, stats adjusted
  • Seared Stone is now harvest instead of weapon, stats also adjusted
  • Bloodbone is now the main tier 2 weapon material
  • Necrotic bone is now tier 2 instead of 1, stats adjusted
  • Cobalt, whitestone, lead, rock, flint, and blazing bone tweaked slightly to better fit their tiers/be more unique


  • Added Killager, modifier from lapis that makes you deal more damage to illagers
  • Emerald now boosts conditional bonuses like smite, blasting, or killager
  • Diamond now grants +2 mining speed and +0.5 attack
  • Netherite now grants +20% attack and +25% mining speed
  • Sharpness now grants +0.75 damage per level
  • Haste now grants +4 mining speed per level (netherite makes it more comparable to vanilla)
  • Smite, bane of ssss, cooling, and alike now grant 80% as much, emerald restores them to their old values
  • Dwarven, maintained, and temperate all have flat boosts now
  • Make recipes for interaction abilities cheaper, using cobalt instead of netherite scrap
  • Seared Reinforcement can be cast using scorched stone now
  • Fix invariant boost happening in the opposite places it should
  • Fix fiery only lasting about 1 tick
  • Fix tool belt having the wrong max level


  • Added tooltips to scorched basin and tables to hint at the need for a cast. Might want a model change later, but have to think about it
  • Blazing blood can be poured on slime to make magma/magma cream
  • Fix seared triangle bricks and scorched chutes having no harvest tool
  • Fix smeltery fluids not rendering on fabulous graphics
  • Fix clear glass not dropping


  • Allow crafting blast furnaces using smooth basalt
  • Add more hacks to fix issues with slime islands not working in terralith
  • Fix raw cobalt not being tagged as a raw material


  • Updated to latest JEI API (9.4.0)
  • Fixed a bug where entities appear at the wrong location in JEI (entity melting, severing, etc.)


  • Tool stats now merge better with lower datapacks. For example, a datapack can change harvest level without changing any other stats (before changing harvest level required overriding durability, attack damage, and mining speed)
  • Removed fractured modifier - it was basically weaker sharpness
  • Remove maintained_2, since maintained has a new formula, did not seem worth updating both

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