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Filename TConstruct-1.18.2-
Uploaded by KnightMiner
Uploaded May 8, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +2
Size 12.15 MB
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  • Experimental: broad tools are no longer two handed. Want to see if this plans better before fully removing the feature, so feedback is welcome
  • Fix tools in bonus chests not having any modifier slots

Travelers Gear

  • Travelers gear now protects against freezing
  • Travelers boots now allow walking on powdered snow


  • Added Wetting, leggings ability like spilling, except the fluid applies to yourself on damage
  • Added Step Up, a leggings modifier that increases the step height of a player
  • Necrotic now heals a constant percentage on crit instead of healing a random amount every hit
  • Enderporting now triggers when harvesting crops
  • Exchanging no longer requires the tool to be effective to trigger
  • Split haste into armor haste and melee/harvest haste. If you migrate a world from 1.18.1 or before, you may need to use a wet sponge to remove then reapply haste to your chestplate.
  • Overslime now applies a debuff to armor. Overforced now counts as a slime friend to prevent the debuff
  • Zoom now requires spy glasses to apply


  • Dwarven was rebalanced. Now gives a percentage debuff at high elevations, and bases the buffs and debuffs off the world max height and 0 instead of sea level
  • Fix tinkers bronze redirecting to a material that does not always exist


  • Fix part builder slider being invisible
  • Fix a dupe with specifically sized part builder recipes


  • Smeltery controller is now crafted using seared bricks block instead of a heater, to encourage keeping your melter functional
  • Removed removing of cut copper from copper (implemented in forge)
  • Fix alloyer closing its UI on block update
  • Fix foundry byproducts adjusting the rate twice on a client connected to a server


  • Added soup and honey as fluids
  • New fluids can be used in slurping/spilling to restore hunger
  • Bees now melt into honey
  • Honey is now used in pig iron instead of clay



  • Now crafted by pouring molten gold on a book
  • Every time you craft one of the other guidebooks, more sections will appear in the encyclopedia
  • Means you can use the encyclopedia even before you have nether access
  • Fix pocket chain being marked as slotless
  • Fix many tools having outdated stats

Gadgets & World

  • Fixed slimy trees not growing above y=256

Punji sticks * Returned from 1.12 * Deal a bit less damage, but no longer conflict with potions * Nicer hitbox * Crafted using bamboo


  • Added unarmed tag, preferred to use over chestplates for melee modifiers
  • SingleUseModifier is now NoLevelsModifier, as the earlier name was confusing
  • Tool stats now can specify a filter tag, items not in that tag will not support the stat

Container Transfer

  • New JSON allowing fluid to be extracted from items that are not forge fluid containers
  • Triggers in game when right clicking any of our tanks

Dynamic Modifiers

  • Modifiers can be registered with JSON.
  • Addons can register new JSON serializers, and are encouraged to do so over static
  • Currently the base mod registers 6 different serializers, though more will be added later
  • Likely in the future most modifiers will be moved to dynamic modifiers to allow datapacks to rebalance modifiers
  • Documentation for theses is planned but not finished. If you want to help out the mod this is a great place to contribute

Moved spilling

  • Spilling recipe JSON are now defined in their own folder instead of being in recipes
  • As a result of this change, spilling recipes no longer synchronize spilling effects with the client, making a ne spilling effect only require serverside changes (and reducing network traffic)
  • For addons that add spilling effects to new fluids, there is a data provider in tconstruct.library.data.tinkering to use

Removed Modifier Item Salvage

  • Removing modifiers now only restores modifier slots, no more item salvage
  • Was causing problems in design with some future feature ideas

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