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  • Crossbows are the small variant, designed for high speed arrow launching and fireworks
  • Longbows are the large variant, designed for high damage projectiles
  • There are not modifiable arrows. You can use vanilla arrows, or arrows from other mods such as Archer's Paradox.


  • Bow materials are a distinct set of materials from melee/harvest materials. This means while there are many common materials, there are some unique bow materials and some unique melee/harvest materials.
    • Notably, there are no stone or osmium (compat) bows, while bows uniquely have access to bamboo and aluminum (compat)
    • In total, we have 18 bow materials, plus 5 bowstrings so far. Additional materials are planned.
    • We also have 12 compat bow materials which are enabled if a mod adds the relevant materal
  • Bow limbs affect bow durability, accuracy, drawspeed, and arrow velocity (which in turn affects damage)
  • Bow grips affect bow durability, melee attack damage, and accuracy
  • Bow limbs, grips, and bowstrings all add traits designed with ranged weapons in mind


  • Support all existing modifiers related to durability
  • Most right click interaction modifiers work on bows, but are activated on left click instead
  • Experienced and looting are both available, affecting monsters killed by arrows fired from this bow
  • Diamond boosts bow projectile damage, longbows can receive power to further boost projectile damage
  • Netherite boosts arrow velocity
  • Emerald boosts bow accuracy. Trueshot and blindshot increase or decrease accuracy further
  • All bows can receive fiery (flame), punch, freezing, piercing (not vanilla), impaling (piercing in vanilla), and necrotic to boost arrows
  • Bows can also receive multishot, crystalshot (infinity), and quivers
  • Crossbows can receive quickcharge to boost drawspeed and receive sinistral to allow better crossbow dual wielding
  • Longbows can receive scope to zoom in on the target

Modifier changes

  • Instead of lustrous (platinum) boosting mining speed of ores (which overlapped a lot with blasting or melting), it now causes ores to drop bonus nuggets
  • Zoom is now an upgrade, and can be applied to any tool that supports right click interaction to make it act like a spyglass
  • Soulbound now will keep armor and the offhand items in the same slot upon respawn
  • Fix deletion bug with shift clicking items into pockets or other inventory modifiers


  • Chestplates can now receive melee modifiers to boost left click attack without needing to apply unarmed. This means it only costs upgrade slots to have good left click damage
  • If you wish to punch with the offhand, you now apply the ambidextrous modifier, any tools that had unarmed applied before this update will automatically receive ambidextrous in its place


  • Smeltery detection logic has been improved to better work with future multiblocks. This shouldn't cause any broken smelteries, but may change the block marked as "invalid" during building
  • Pewter now is alloyed from tin +lead if tin is available, for compatibility with Alomancy. If no tin is available, it will continue to use iron + lead.
  • Allow casting potions and tipped arrows.
  • Fix stack size 1 slimy bottles not returning their bottles when drunk.

Books & Language

  • Guidebooks have all been updated with information on crossbows and longbows
  • Big thanks as usual to Shiny for helping keep the books up to date
  • Fix various typos and inaccuracies from older content
  • Update Japanese Translation (thanks TwelveYO21)
  • Update Chinese Translation (thanks Cactusstudent and ChuijkYahus)
  • Add a new translation key for the format of a tool name, to allow languages to change the separator or switch the order of the words if desired


  • Tools in JEI now show variants for binding only materials
  • Fix tools in modifier recipes not showing the focused tool (showing all valid tools instead)
  • Fix usage on a slimeskull not showing valid modifiers


  • Slimy ferns and saplings can now be placed in flower pots
  • Fix free sponge when removing modifiers using venom
  • Fix occasional loss of sponge when using wet sponge to remove modifiers
  • Fix AOE block breaking not spawning particles for all the blocks
  • Fix item deletion when using a bundle to take items out of the crafting station
  • Fix various crashes and otherwise unwelcome behavior when opening our UIs in spectator mode. Please let us know if any blocks do not work as expected.
  • Fix modifier log missing texture config being ignored.

API & Internal

Rework modifier priority

  • Modifiers with the same priority now fallback to the order they were added.
  • As a result of this change, tools that have internal modifiers like tilling now use the craftable one instead as the new modifier overrides it
  • Many internal modifiers will also show in the tooltip now instead of being hidden
  • You can use the modifier worktable to resort modifiers to choose which modifiers act
  • Some modifier priorities may need to be adjusted as part of this change for those that should have consistent behavior
  • Firestarter modifier now exposes the light_fire tool action. If you make a mod that adds extra behavior to flint and steel, check for that tool action for tinkers compatability. If you do not know how tool actions work, ask on our discord.
  • Added block transform modifier hook for addons wishing to add modifiers that run post block transform

Modifier hooks

  • New mergable system for modifier functions
  • Use registerHooks to implement the hooks on a modifier
  • In the future, will make it easier to write JSON modifiers as we migrate existing hooks
  • Currently, all hooks using the old system have been migrated, as well as various new methods
  • Pay attention to deprecations on methods to keep track of what has been migrated
  • Implement hook fired post block transform (thanks Pyre540)

Stat type fallbacks

  • Trait JSON now supports two custom internal types, tconstruct:melee_harvest and tconstruct:ranged which act as a fallback for any stat types in that group.
  • If a stat is missing a specific trait set, it will try the fallback before the default traits.
  • Addons can register their own fallbacks for custom stat types they add

Left click modifiers

  • Bows and longbows support running modifiers on left click
  • Any interactions that require holding down right click cannot be used on left click, but most other modifiers can be implemented
  • You likely will want to migrate any existing interaction modifiers to the new hooks to get support

Tool tags

  • Deprecated one handed and two handed, that system while nice in theory ended up being too cumbersome
  • Added interactable left, interactable right, and interactable armor for the three types of tools that can run interaction hooks. The hooks also now pass a parameter for the type. By default, anything using the deprecated one handed or two handed tags are added to interactable right
  • Added ranged tags for bows, longbows, and crossbows

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