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Filename TConstruct-1.18.2-
Uploaded by KnightMiner
Uploaded Jun 12, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +2
Size 12.53 MB
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  • Allow ore melting recipes to set a rate per byproduct
  • Let damagable recipes specify a unit, which will enforce fluid output is in terms of that unit (e.g. metal melting can use 1 nugget as the unit instead of 1mb)
  • Rose gold is now 1:1 gold and copper, to be consistent with Thermal's rose gold
  • Fix seared tank capacity not setting on placement


  • Boost attack damage multiplier of broad axes slightly
  • Fix blocks that require no tool not dropping when broken with broken tools
  • Fix tool NBT initialization again, that is just always a pain


Cleanup slimesuit materials

  • Creepers now use glass as its more logical than gunpoweder (plus looks cool)
  • Spiders now use string instead of spider eyes
  • Cave spiders now use darkthread instead of venom
  • Ender pearls can only make repair kits via casting now
  • Rabbit and leather merged into a single material, so leather can repair slimeboots
  • Some slinesuit material stats tweaked


  • Added shulking modifier, new defense modifier from shulker shelles that increases defense while sneaking
  • Adjust bouncy, should be a bit faster and a bit more bouncy
  • Cap protection tooltips to 80%. Still is not accurate to the whole set, but more accurate for individual pieces
  • Update feather falling for 1.18 mojang fall damage changes
  • Rework melee protection to be more consistent with guardian thorns, change its bonus from fall damage reduction to small attack speed boost
  • Leaping now requires skyslime crystals (or skyslime dirt if geodes are disabled)
  • Soulbound now allows a netherstar as an alterantive to a totem
  • Draconic no longer requires shulkers, just wither rose and dragon scales
  • Offhanded no longer requires a membrane
  • Fix modifier data being lost when switching dimensions. Notably affected bouncy
  • Fix conditional modifiers such as smite applying wrongly (often leading to too much damage)
  • Fix guardian thorns damaging players due to the bleeding effect
  • Fix milk spilling effects being broken
  • Fix saturation being too high on spilling foods
  • Fix protection not applying the extra 2% bonus on first level
  • Fix a crash with the spilling modifier

Reach rework

  • Reach now is chestplate exclusive due to inconsistencies between main hand and offhand. Also grants chestplate another unique ability
  • Reach now works on mobs for attack thanks to a forge PR

Damage Tweaks

  • Added config options for several vanilla damage source tweaks. May altar behavior with other mods, hence the config option
  • Added option for wither and dragons breath damage to be marked as magic, will affect magic protection and witches
  • Added option for falling blocks to count as projectiles, affects mainly projectile protection. Defaults to disabled unlike the other options
  • Added option for lightning to be counted as fire damage, affects fire resistance potion and fire protection


  • Added potion fluid from dumping potions into seared tanks. Can be used ideally alongside fluid modifiers like spilling or slurping.
  • Added potion buckets, can be drank for 2.5x power of a potion, but takes much longer to drink
  • Added splash and lingering bottles, can be filled with water for brewing. Created by "brewing" gunpowder and dragons breath into a glass bottle
  • Change piggybackpack recipe to casting blood on a saddle
  • Change clear item frame texture to make it stand out in the inventory more


Slime Helmets

  • Slimes now can render helmets
  • Earthslimes will randomly spawn with vanilla helmets, including leather, chain, iron, gold, diamond, and turtle shell
  • Skyslimes will randomly spawn with travelers goggles or plate armor, including some random modifiers
  • Enderslimes will randomly spawn with slimeskulls. They currently can use a majority of the effects, the remaining such as creeper are planned for future builds
  • Slimes have 4x protection from helmets since the helmet protects their whole body so well
  • Slimes will pass helmets to their children when possible


  • Earthslimes now use the vanilla loot table, improving compat with mods that add new green slime drops


  • Make modifiers a bit brighter in JEI
  • Fix molding recipe leading to some implied odd recipes (e.g. pickaxe head -> axe head)


  • New fluid textures, makes them more than recolored lava and water
  • Make mighty smelting pages a bit brigher to increase contrast between text and pages
  • Update mighty smelting for recent smeltery changes
  • Improve descriptions of many modifiers in the books
  • Ensure all modifiers are included in the book
  • Fix description on armor upgrade page
  • Fix articles on slime island pages
  • Fix config file typo in the word slimeballs
  • Fix liquid magma being called magma cream


  • Deprecate some non-library modifier utils
  • Fluid tooltips are now controlled via JSON as part of Mantle, means its easier for addons to add new fluid unit scales


  • Color manager is now in Mantle, switching from tinkering to mantle for the folder. Utils are deprecated.
  • Migrate many JsonUtils methods to Mantle's JsonHelper
  • Migrate SafeClientAccess and TooltipKey to Mantle. TooltipKey deprecation is unfortunately messy
  • Migrate fluid transfer util to Mantle. Unfortunately required renaming the folder, so datagen will need to be rerun. Code referencing fluid transfer instances directly may also break, which was sadly unavoidable
  • Migrate fluid ingredient serializer and unplacable fluid to Mantle

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