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Filename TConstruct-1.16.5-
Uploaded by KnightMiner
Uploaded Dec 21, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +9
Size 9.96 MB
Downloads 918,873
MD5 62362ea1181bc66adf18c9695dbc7354
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Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions



  • Tinker pickaxes and axes now have a 33% chance to spawn in place of the vanilla tools in the starter chest. Will have a random tier 1 head and binding with a wooden handle
  • Tinker tools now support vanilla curses, and will attempt to preserve enchantments applied from other sources. Note we still do not support enchantments, it was just not hard to apply this fix
  • Daggers are now an effect tool for any vanilla hoe harvestable blocks
  • Fix tools cheated in from creative search spawning with no stats. For multipart tools, they will randomize materials


  • Husk slimeskull now is repaired using iron, and drowned slimeskull with copper
  • Added piglin, piglin brute, and zombified piglin slimeskulls
  • All parts of the slimesuit are now repairable with enderslime


  • Bucketing chestplate modifier now plays sounds when filling and draining tanks
  • Reduce priority of chestplate interaction events to prevent conflicts with other mod handlers
  • Rework bouncy logic slightly, runs on both client and server to prevent weirdness with laggy servers
  • Added tooltips to many modifiers, which live update based on the players state (e.g. dwarven shows the boost for the current Y level)
  • Reduce damage for the chestplate unarmed, in playtesting it was just way too fast
  • Fix double jump resetting on world load
  • Fix modifier keybinds not working in multiplayer


  • Casting tables now render blocks slightly smaller
  • Fix smeltery tank GUI behaving oddly when drained while the GUI is open
  • Fix composite recipes breaking when the game is quit during cooling
  • Fix cooling animation not syncing on world load
  • Fix potion fluids being colorless drains, ducts, and copper cans


  • When interacting with clear item frames, redirects the interaction to the block behind if the clear frame is filled and you are not sneaking. Makes them ideal for chest labels
  • Improve syncing of slimeslings, should prevent odd behavior on laggy servers
  • Slimeslings now attempt to preserve speed instead of boosting velocity if it changed. The result is you will bounce off walls more when using slings, but they may give slightly less speed


  • Added piglin, piglin brute, and zombified piglin heads
  • Allow some tinker ingots to work as beacon fuel, and adjust which blocks work as bases. Any metal that is a valid beacon base will be a valid fuel
  • Piglins now love gold casts, item frames, and reinforcements
  • Piglins now guard cast chests, as apparently that little bit of gold makes it theirs
  • Endermen can now pick up nether grout


  • Added config options to disable loot table injections
  • Added config option to disable the slime recipe fix, like the glass recipe fix
  • Added config option to limit max quads in the smeltery renderer for the sake of certain streamers who fill a smeltery with 6 stacks of HD generated item models


  • Added new book covers by Falkor
  • Fix inverted descriptions for path maker and flamewake


Several translations were merged from the past several months of development. Some are more up to date than others, so updates are encouraged

  • Japanese translation by kikathom
  • Polish translation by joker876
  • German translation by Toscanphoenix-de
  • Korean translation by red1854th
  • Russian translation by Bytegm

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