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Filename TConstruct-1.16.5-
Uploaded by KnightMiner
Uploaded Dec 12, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +9
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  • Creeper Slimeskull damage can now be blocked using a totem of undying
  • Slimeshell now starts with pockets and protection I instead of protection III
  • Fix description of blaze slimeskull in encyclopedia
  • Fix slimeskull rendering when sneaking
  • Fix casting recipes not properly initializing tools. This lead to 1/1 durability on servers and 0 modifier slots on both sides



  • Item Frame - Helmet Upgrade - Adds 1 inventory slot to the helmet per level. The slot has a max stack size of 1, and will render on the screen when the helmet is worn. The config file allows repositioning the render
  • Strength - Chestplate Ability - Adds +10% attack power per level
  • Knockback - Chestplate Upgrade - Adds bonus knockback to both the empty hand and the tool being used
  • Pockets - Leggings Ability - Tool gains 9 inventory slots per level, can be opened with shift + the leggings keybind
  • Shield Strap - Leggings Ability - Adds 1 inventory slot per level, which can be swapped with the offhand using the leggings keybind
  • Tool Belt - Leggings Ability - Adds 4 inventory slots per level, which can be swapped with hotbar slots using the leggings keybind
  • Pocket Chain - Leggings Upgrade - Adds 1 slot to both shield strap and tool belt, and allows opening the leggings inventoy with shift + the leggings keybind
  • Frost Walker - Boots Ability - Causes water to freeze when walked upon, and protects the wearer from magma blocks
  • Path Maker - Boots Ability - Causes dirt to transform into paths when walked upon
  • Plowing - Boots Ability - Tills dirt when walked upon
  • Snowdrift - Boots Ability - Leaves a trail of snow in cool biomes
  • Flamewake - Boots Ability - Leaves a trail of fire
  • Expanded - Boots Ability - Increases the area of effect of frost walker, path maker, plowing, snowdrift, and flamewake
  • Soulspeed - Boots Upgrade - Increases movement speed on soulsand
  • Lightspeed - Boots Upgrade - Increases movement speed in well lit areas
  • Nearsighted - Slotless Modifier - Increases the FOV by 5% per level when the tool is worn or held. Example usage is canceling the FOV change from the heavy or sharpweight trait
  • Farsighted - Slotless Modifier - Decreases the FOV by 5% per level when the tool is worn or held. Example usage is canceling the FOV change from the speedy leggings upgrade


  • Bouncy recipe now uses earthslime instead of enderslime, but uses a lot more slime
  • Reduced time needed to slurp fluid from a helmet
  • Half dragonborn in air attack bonus, it was way too strong in testing
  • Removed recipe for power modifier, it has been moved to the new strength ability


  • Fix helmet interact running in spectator
  • Fix unlocalized piercing description for unarmed with thorns
  • Fix redundant recipe for thorns on chestplates


  • Queens Slime now glows with a minimum light level of 9. This is a visual thing, like blazing bone
  • Tinker Station UI now includes armor slots and offhand slot for more convenient modifying of armor
  • Fix the modifier removal command display -1 when removing all levels of a modifier

Books & Documentation

  • Added new advancements for armor, and updated a few existing advancements
  • JEI now sorts modifier recipes by slot type
  • Improved display of attributes in tooltips
  • Materials and You, Puny Smelting, Mighty Smelting, Fantastic Foundry, and Tinkers' Gadgetry all include some armor information now


  • Make it easier to add new capabilities to tools
  • Add player context to modifier tooltip hook
  • Added more tool building context to addVolatileData and addToolStats
  • Added hook for boot walk modifier
  • Added hooks for modifiers adding inventory slots

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