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Filename TConstruct-1.16.5-
Uploaded by KnightMiner
Uploaded Jun 15, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +9
Size 5.75 MB
Downloads 583,215
MD5 46a37f1ae50a29e10cf67a2a1f34cc78
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  • Fix crafting station not working
  • Enqueue some vanilla registration to hopefully prevent race conditions with other mods registering

Original changes in


  • Add a recipe to cast iron bars
  • Prevent casting magma cream, magma blocks are just too common
  • Tinkers bronze recipe now produces 3 ingots instead of 4
  • Allow filling tank items in casting tables and some modded machines
  • Prevent melting tanks if they contain fluid
  • Add seared and scorched lanterns: a decorative tank holding 100mb, useful for light or a duct filter
  • Increase hardness and blast resistance of drains, ducts, chutes, and controllers
  • Pickblock on filled tanks now includes the fluid
  • Fix two invalid foundry cases that still built (and possibly caused crashes)
  • Fix channels reappearing after breaking in some cases


  • Using too much material (e.g. logs to make a pickaxe head) now places leftovers in the inventory
  • Patterns now show tooltips in the UI
  • Its now possible to add custom part builder recipes that don't make tool parts
  • Tinker station slots now filter tool parts
  • Part builder recipes now show in JEI
  • Fix a few material item recipes allowing crafting invalid items


  • Magnetic improvements
  • Now applies after harvesting with a kama or scythe
  • Items pulled by magnet now cancel out gravity
  • Exchanging tweaks
  • Instant break blocks can be exchanged even if the tool is wrong
  • Fixed neighbors not always updating
  • Rename Bane of Arthropods to Bane of Sssss, works on creepers now
  • Haste is now multiplicative instead of additive
  • Decrease percentages on netherite a bit
  • Increase attack damage of diamond slightly
  • Make luck I and luck II a bit cheaper, no longer requiring rabbits feet until luck III
  • Fix a couple of modifiers still working when the tool is broken


  • Make obsidian panes immune to the ender dragon
  • Make sky slime slings charge a bit faster


  • Allow placing books in lecterns
  • Add advancements for a basic tutorial to the mod
  • Add encyclopedia book: contains all tool materials from the other books


  • Fix villagers not being able to open slimy wood doors


  • Make fluids such as slimes and metals display better values in UIs
  • Rename molten blaze to blazing blood
  • Rename magma cream to magma
  • Add a way to barter for blazing blood, making 3 ways to obtain it
  • Fix fluids not giving off light in tanks


  • Create compat: cast andesite alloy, and adjusted brass ratio
  • Immersive engineering compat: cast treated wood
  • Ceramics compat: melt ceramic items, alloy porcelain, and fill clay buckets
  • Provide player access in the crafting station in a few more places


  • Increase pack version to prevent a warning
  • Add index page type to books
  • Add showcase page type to books
  • Add support for modifier models, though currently not used as we are not done texturing the modifiers
  • Tool slot loader now ignores empty JSON, allowing disabling a slot loader


  • Split modifier hook onBlockUse into beforeBlockUse and afterBlockUse
  • Make tool stats more generic, allowing addons to add custom stats more easily
  • Allow new stat types to be made repair materials

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