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Filename TConstruct-1.16.5-
Uploaded by KnightMiner
Uploaded May 26, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +9
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  • New block that can alloy from neighboring tanks
  • Based on the original block from TInker's Complement
  • First step in the nether smeltery progression
  • Made from scorched bricks, the new nether alternative to seared bricks
  • UI shows neighboring tanks


  • Nether smeltery alternative
  • Crafted from scorched blocks, quartz, and obsidian
  • Requires the corners in the structure, unlike the smeltery
  • Larger fluid capacity to make up for the extra blocks needed, but cannot alloy
  • Ores produce byproducts but less base metal


  • Improved behavior of casting tables with existing items
  • Fix progress bars not properly updating in the UI sometimes
  • Now 4 tank variants instead of 3, and the names make the capacity clear. Means a gauge is available for both ingots and buckets
  • Diamond and quartz can both be melted in the smeltery now
  • Eyes of ender, granite, and diorite can all be casted
  • Casting channels can now be set to accept input on the side without a channel being there, allowing other mod's pipes to fill them
  • Obsidian alloying now uses less water, means you only need 3 water bottles from piglin bartering to make a foundry
  • Fix emptied copper cans not stacking with freshly crafted cans
  • Tagged faucets for smeltery compatibility


  • The offhand no longer renders when holding a 2 handed tool
  • Scorched stone is a new tool material
  • Rename sword blade to tool blade, to make kama usage less awkward
  • Tweak searing, bonus damage now works on fiery mobs
  • Lowered damage multipliers on many tools, strongest tools are now 1.5x but a few tools have higher base damage
  • Tool base damage is now calculated before handle multipliers, making the multiplier a bit stronger
  • Adjust a few tool stats in light of the above change
  • Kamas now break cactus faster
  • Improve display of chests in the crafting station
  • Colors on handle multipliers are a bit darker now, so they read better in the book

New modifiers

  • New overforced modifier: increases overslime capacity using slimesteel reinforcements
  • Add shiny modifier, makes tool glow
  • Add sweeping edge modifier for swords, like vanilla
  • Added exchanging, causes blocks you mine to be replaced with the block in the offhand
  • Added tconstruct:red_extra_upgradetconstruct:green_extra_upgrade, and tconstruct:blue_extra_upgrade, three modifiers like writable or recapitated that give +1 upgrade slot, but with no recipe. Intended for modpacks that want to provide quest rewards or integrate more mods with Tinkers

Modifier changes

  • Changed reinforced recipe: uses 24 iron reinforcements (net cost is 6 obsidian, 8 iron ingots)
  • Changed luck recipe, it was too cheap and the mechanics were a bit convoluted
  • Strengthen necrotic, restoration is now 0 to level * 5%, instead of a level * 10% chance of restoring 10%
  • Beheading is now severing, and it has a few more drops including rabbits feet and spider eyes
  • Added JEI recipe transfer support for modifier recipes
  • Remove caps on gilded, expanded, and reach, allowing 3 levels of them on swords due to their extra ability slot
  • Fix piercing not working and cooldown being ignored
  • Remove modifier removal via sponges for now, it was making certain mechanics hard to implement. It will be brought back later as part of the modifier workstation


  • Fix clay islands using the wrong type of tall grass
  • Fix slimy grass and ferns not being replacable
  • Fix cobalt ore not properly culling in walls


  • New textures for tinkers bronze, plus a few unimplemented materials (big thanks to RCXcrafter)
  • New textures for molten obsidian and molten glass
  • Adjusted many fluid and tool material colors to better match the items and fluids
  • Fluid textures and colors can now be controlled by resource packs
  • Fix silky cloth having the wrong palette


  • Added crafttweaker support (thanks Jared)
  • Adjust tool tags a bit related to melee or harvest
  • Material traits are now their own JSON instead of being part of the material JSON, and it supports traits per stat type
  • Rework material stats JSON a bit to make them behave more like tags

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