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Filename TConstruct-1.16.5-
Uploaded by KnightMiner
Uploaded May 3, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +4
Size 4.93 MB
Downloads 30,664
MD5 2886b9e563da8893809eba1bd5e9865f
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Java 10
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Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions



  • New piggybackpack recipe
  • Glows are now replacable with blocks, like tall grass
  • Clear glass blocks now prevent fluid drips
  • Work around a spectator crash with custom chests


  • Removed kama heads, kamas now use sword blades to craft, and mattocks pickaxe heads
  • Kamas and scythes can now disuse tripwire. Update forge to at least 36.1.15 for best behavior
  • Rebalanced many tool stats, should help the weapons stand out better individually rather than one being strongest
  • Fix critical hits happening when tools are not fully charged
  • Fix some tool AOE breaking bedrock
  • Fix scythes not working to AOE slimegrass


  • New slimesteel textures (credit to LethalChicken)
  • Slimesteel blocks are now bouncy
  • Pig iron's trait now allows you to eat the tool instead of being random
  • Iron now has the sturdy trait instead of reinforced, steel has a new ductile trait that boosts damage, durability, and mining speed at a lesser amount
  • Average strength of some traits lowered. Before traits averaged at +10% (+30% overall), now they are +5% (+15% overall)


  • New glowing modifier: allows tool to place a glow on sneak + right click
  • New tilling, stripping, and pathing modifiers: grant the block transform behaviors from tools
  • Tank modifier: adds a fluid tank to tools allowing them to transport fluids
  • Melting modifier" melts dropped items and attacked mobs
  • Bucketing modifier: allows tool to pick up and place fluids in world


  • Congealed slime is now bouncy on the side
  • Fix shovels not breaking congealed slime faster
  • Fix some slimy grass behavior being inconsistent with vanilla


  • Removed the requirement that the smeltery contains fluid to melt mobs. For a safe smeltery, have no fuel
  • Fix filling and emptying tanks not making sound
  • Fix coagulated blood not melting into blood
  • Fix wall crafting producing too few walls


  • Add content to Material and You, this book should have all information up until the melter
  • Melter and smeltery content will be later books
  • Mighty smelting now discusses the 3 main ways to get molten blaze
  • All book tooltips now contain the word book to help with searchability
  • Fix a textless tooltip when hovering over "no stats"


  • Add new modifier tooltip hook
  • Add hooks for modifiers to change right click behavior
  • Overslime modifier API changed a bit, should be easier to extend for a similar modifier

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