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Filename TConstruct-1.16.5-
Uploaded by KnightMiner
Uploaded Apr 18, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +3
Size 4.38 MB
Downloads 3,387
MD5 19f3dd9a049f3cef52cce62056d243dc
Supported Java Versions
Java 10
Java 9
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions



  • Make it cheaper to cast blaze rods from molten blaze
  • Casting blaze rods now requires a rod cast, which can also be used for some Immersive Engineering recipes
  • Added multi-use cast tags so other mods can more easily add cast variants
  • More metal melting and casting support. Now supports gears, plates, rods, sheetmetal, and coins
  • Fix steel melting temperature being too high
  • Fix stonecutting seared blocks into themselves

Smeltery structure

  • Smeltery and melter controller now have separate states for burning (shows flames) and valid structure
  • This means the flames on the controller will only show when fuel is being consumed
  • All smeltery blocks now have a in_structure state, that is visible on the debug screen. It will be true when its part of a valid smeltery
  • Max smeltery size is now 16x16x65, or 14x14x64 internal
  • Unfortunately, there was no easy way to migrate this change. You will need to break and replace the melter's fuel source and a block in the bottom row of the smeltery to update

Tool parts

  • Tool rods are now called tool handles
  • Tough tool rods are now called tough handles
  • Part builder now shows when a material is unusable


  • Added lightspeed modifier: use glowstone to make your tool mine faster in the light
  • Added blasting modifier: use gunpoweder to make your pickaxe break low blast resistance blocks faster
  • Added hydraulic modifier: use prismarine shards to make your pickaxe mine faster in the rain or underwater
  • Necrotic can now be added to tools using a wither rose, a ghast tear, and a block of congealed blood


  • Tagged scythe and kama as "forge:tools/scythe" for thermal cultivation compatibility
  • Split harvestable tags to make it easier for addons, see Github wiki for more details
  • Allow harvesting beehives and carving faces on pumpkins


  • Husks and drowned now drop zombie heads (temporary until we add proper heads)
  • Strays now drop skeleton skulls (temporary until we add stray skulls)
  • Withers now drop wither skeleton skulls, little bit of salvage
  • Snow golems now drop pumpkins, or snow blocks if they were sheared


  • Slime boots now work on non-players
  • Sky slimes behave as if they are always wearing slime boots, they will no longer die when jumping off the island
  • Sky slimes now jump higher
  • Endermen can now carry slime dirt and congealed slime
  • Renamed cobalt ore to "Nether Cobalt Ore" for vanilla consistency
  • Fix a potential crash on load with composter recipes being registered


  • Mighty smelting is now crafted from molten seared stone instead of molten copper
  • Puny smelting is now crafted using grout instead of a seared brick
  • Make tool part layout cleaner
  • Add support for rendering material pages
  • Fix modifier recipes not supporting overslime recipes
  • Fix modifiers section not supporting non-modifier pages


  • Improved behavior of piggy back pack, it should be more intutive
  • Fix ender slime slings teleporting the player into invalid locations, such as past the worldborder
  • Fix fancy frames being unlocalized and not rendering right, clear item frames are once again clear


  • Striders are warmed by liquid magma or molten blaze
  • Soul fire can be placed on soul glass
  • Piglins now guard rose gold and silky jewel blocks
  • Modifier chest stack size limited to 16
  • Fix scrollbar on chests not working

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