Tiered Magnets

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Tiered Magnets is a mod that adds tiered magnets to better your Minecraft experience by allowing the player to pull in items and experience at range with ease.



  • Tiered Vanilla-style durability magnets to pull items toward the player
  • Tiered Vanilla-style durability magnets to teleport items to the player
  • Support for a hotkey
  • Filter and range adjustment
  • Block to prevent magnets from functioning
  • Block to recreate a magnet in block-form
  • Mod Integration: Demagnetize, adds support for the Demagnetize to work with the magnets
  • Mod Integration: Thermal Expansion, adds electromagnets that run on RF [1.12.2]
  • Mod Integration: Patchouli, adds an in-game guide [1.12.2]
  • Mod Integration: Baubles, allows the magnets to be put in the Baubles slots [1.12.2]
  • Many configuration options to allow for a great experience




By default, there are eight different magnet tiers; Stone, Iron, Redstone, Gold, Lapis, Obsidian, Diamond, and Emerald. Each magnet increases in range and durability after the previous tier. 


There are also two different types, regular and magic. Regular Magnets pull items toward the player while Magic Magnets teleport items to the player directly, at the cost of more durability.


Both types can be repaired using magnetite.


In addition, there is the Cursed Magnet and Magic Cursed Magnet. They both act like their counterparts, however, neither consume durability or energy. By default, the magnets are destroyed on death.


Magnet Control

Magnets can be enabled and disabled by right clicking them while holding. Optionally, the player can use the hotkey, 'M', by default.


Magnet Filter and Range

By Shift + Right Clicking, a GUI will be displayed to filter what magnets pickup as well as an option to change the range.


Utility Blocks

Currently, there are two blocks to enhance magnet usability.


The Magnetic Insulator is a block that will prevent item magnetization within a specified range. This can be toggle on and off with a redstone signal.


The Magnetic Projector is a block that will project the effects of the magnet inside its inventory into a block-form. By placing an inventory, such as a chest, underneath, items within close proximity of the block will be put into the inventory automatically. This can be toggle on and off with a redstone signal.



This is mainly used as a crafting item, but can also be used to repair magnets (configurable).


It has a chance to drop from Iron Ore.


It is also added to the ore dictionary (Forge tags) for use with other mods.



Numerous configuration settings have been added to allow pack developers to make the mod fit to the play style of the pack.


Mod Integration


If Demagnetize is installed, magnets will be able to not pickup items near the mods' blocks.


Thermal Expansion [1.12]

If Thermal Expansion is installed, a new set of magnets, called "Electromagnets" will be added. These magnets are tiered Leadstone, Hardened, Reinforced, Signalum, and Resonant.


Just like their vanilla counterparts, there are regular and magic magnets. However, instead of consuming durability, they consume RF energy.


1.14.4 Note: As Thermal Expansion isn't on 1.14.4 yet, Electromagnets in will use temporary recipes. As per usual, this can be disabled in the config.


Patchouli [1.12]

If Patchouli is installed, an in-game guide, "Magnets for Dummies" will be added. This guide will provide more information on how the items and blocks work within the mod.


1.14.4 Note: Testing with Vazkii, this should be in soon, once Patchouli updates.


Baubles [1.12]

If Baubles is installed, magnets will be able to be put in the "ring" bauble slot. Even works with the hotkey!


1.14.4 Note: Not in, as Baubles isn't updated to 1.14.4 yet.



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