Thanks for Wipper179 for this awesome showcase


Thanks to Cscuile for this amazing TAS speedrun :D


Thanks to Cubi for this great TAS speedrun


Thanks to Gunter for this epic TAS speedrun using TickrateChanger :O


Thanks to MinecraftPalaceVidz for this showcase.


Thanks to G0oularte for this showcase in portuguese


  • Let you change the server tickrate
  • Let you change your client tickrate (including sound speed)
  • Let you change any player tickrate via server command
  • Synchronizes the tickrate between server and clients
  • Useful for videos (slow motion, timelapses)
  • Useful for custom modpacks/maps (maybe you wanna change how the game works?)
  • Useful for building (a fast tickrate let you place blocks faster)
  • Useful for testing (a slow tickrate let you have time to see before everything happens)
  • Useful for TAS speedruns (you can even use keybinds, you have to enable them in the config file though)
  • Useful for other mods that want to use the Tickrate API
  • Useful for having fun! (I had a lot of fun testing this mod, i'm sure you'll have too)


You may add this mod to your modpack if I'm credited (Guichaguri) and you link this page.


/tickrate [ticks per second] - Changes the server & client tickrate

/tickrate [ticks per second] server - Changes the server tickrate

/tickrate [ticks per second] client - Changes the client tickrate

/tickrate [ticks per second] [player name] - Changes the [player name]'s tickrate

Full Command List


Source Code | Tickrate API | MCF Thread

This mod does not edit base class files directly.