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PvPTime for Forge

Lets you choose what in-game hours you want PvP enabled. Perhaps you want to give the players yet another reason to keep indoors during the night?

PvPTime is also available for Bukkit and Sponge.


  • Configurable time when PvP is enabled and disabled
  • Broadcasts when the PvP state changes
  • Multi dimension support


  • /pvptime reload is only available for OPs (permission level 2)
  • /pvptime info is available for everyone

Extra Information

The plugin requires pvp=on in your server.properties.

If you need, there’s information about the mod configuration here.

It should work on any custom dimension as long as it has a fixed id (e.g. Mystcraft, Twilight Forest, Aether 2, etc)


PvPTime was a Bukkit plugin originally created by Erbros and continued/recoded by Guichaguri.

Screenshots (Click to Enlarge)

Day - PvP Disabled (Click to Enlarge)Night - PvP Enabled (Click to Enlarge)


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