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0.3-40 contains a major overhaul of the request algorithm used behind the scenes. When updating from 0.2 to 0.3, Crafters will remember their recipes, but they won't remember what they were requesting. When updating, make sure your Crafters are idle.

For more information about 0.3, here is a handy document.


Thermal Logistics is the spiritual successor to Logistics Pipes! This mod adds smart crafting to Thermal Dynamics using just two new servos: the requester and the crafter. Requesters are smart the smart version of the retriever from Thermal Dynamics. If they need an item not available in the network, they can request a crafter to make it for them. Crafters are attached to machines that can make an item using inputs. In the crafter, you specify what items go in and what items go out. Crafters can be linked together if a machine outputs on a different side than where it takes its input.


The network manager is a tool that can tell you what items are going to a duct. It is also used to link crafters. Crafters can be linked from any distance, even transdimensional. Finally, there is the terminal. The terminal shows what items can be requested from the network and can request those items when provided with a requester. It can also craft items using crafters.



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