The Weirding Gadget

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This is a chunk loader that was requested by a few friends of mine that allows for chunk loading to deactivate after people do not come onto the server for an extended period of time.


By default, a single Weirding Gadget will keep a 3x3 chunk area (48x48 blocks) around it loaded, for a period of 7 days. The chunk loader will not deactivate if the player is online, and the inactivity period starts after they have logged off.


If the chunk loader has deactivated it will stop spinning, anyone can re-activate it by right clicking on it.


New as of 2.0

The Weirding Gadget now supports multiple players. Each person can Right click on it. The device will become inactive when ALL players have been offline for the specified period.


Weirdly enough, you can wear the weirding gadget on your head to see where the weirding gadgets are, in case you buried them and forgot where and need to turn them back on again.


Crafting Recipe



The art for this mod was generously provided by Rorax.


Further improvements to be made in the future

  • Use a redstone torch with it to show the area affected
  • Support Teams
  • Fix the logo

Known Issues

  • Lighting on Spinner is a bit unusual. This is difficult to fix. I will investigate as time permits.