Shear Madness

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Shear Madness

A stupid mod about making sheep more aesthetically pleasing.

Manual for chiselling sheep


You NEED chisel or higher to use this mod.

Chiseling a sheep

  • Make a iron or diamond chisel and right click to open the chisel preview.
  • Insert the block you wish to chisel the sheep with into the preview slot on the top-left hand side
  • Leave the menu
  • Left-Click on the Sheep you wish to chisel.
  • Sheep should now be very confused, and a block will be removed from the chisel.

Unchiseling a sheep

  • Left-Click on a sheep when no item is in the preview slot, the block will be returned to you.

Functional Sheep (1.1.0 and higher)

Certain sheep now have behaviours associated with them:

  • Redstone Sheep will trigger redstone signals
  • TNT Sheep will explode if exposed to redstone
  • Glowstone Sheep will light the area around them
    • This is disabled by default because of the stuttering of it recalculating chunk lighting.
  • Chisel blocks with "working" fans cause sheep to fly
  • Crafting Table sheep work as crafting tables
  • Anvil sheep work as Anvils
  • Cactus sheep deal cactus damage and will destroy items
  • Magma sheep deal "walking on fire" damage.
  • Crafting Table Sheep will auto-craft according to the recipe.
    • Leave your items in the sheep and it will eat any items it sees to produce the result.
  • (1.5.0) Chance Cube Sheep


/shearmadness chancecubes

Opts in or out for Chance Cube sheep.

Configuration Options

Shearing Behaviour

Shear Madness supports changing the behaviour of what happens when you attempt to shear a sheep, this option can be modified in shearmadness.cfg in the /config/ directory.

S:behaviour controls the shearing behaviour.

By default, shearing a sheep will return it to a vanilla sheep, but the following other options are available:

  • RevertSheep - The Default, changes the sheep back to a vanilla sheep
  • ChiselFarm - You can farm blocks by allowing the sheep to regrow. Not recommended for server owners as it currently allows users to grow diamond, iron and redstone blocks from sheep.
  • CannotShear - Shearing is completely disabled for these sheep. They will need to be reverted to normal before they can be sheared again.

Breeding Behaviour (1.7.0)

S:breedingBehaviour will determine what happens when two sheep mate with each other.

  • Unchiseled - The default, baby sheep will be normal sheep
  • SimpleBreeding - Baby sheep will be chiselled the same as either the mother or the father (50% chance)

Functional Behaviours

You can change whether specialized sheep function or not using their configuration sections. Check the shearmadness.cfg file for details.

Future Development

I have lots of ideas for other shearing behaviours and other features. Feel free to drop ideas or bugs to my GitHub tracker, other feedback is welcome here and on Twitter.


Will I be able to chisel pigs and other mobs in the future?

I'm not really planning on it, sheep have a nice layering system that separates the body from it's wool.


Your mod is one big dupe glitch!

I know, that's why I released 1.0 with shearing behaviours. Set it appropriately.



A huge thanks to TTFTCUTS for the name


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