The Quackening





The quackening has begun!

Ducks will invade your world and raid you. Find and take down the bases they create, and arm yourself against the ducks. 


Below are simple infographics on the contents of the mod. Further explanation and trivia will be provided at the bottom of the page. 




Explanations and trivia

Raid functionality 

Duck raids come in many tiers, from 1 to 8, 1 being the easiest to beat. 


In order to spawn a raid,  multiple conditions need to be met. 

Raid points - points gained by gaining xp from killing mobs. Higher-tier raids require more points to spawn.

If I have 20 advancements, tier 2 raids can spawn. if I have 60 advancements, tier 6 raids can spawn. 


Raid timing - There should be a gap in timing between when a first raid spawns and a second one spawns. 

When a raid spawns and is defeated, the raid timer goes up. To lower the timer, players need to gain one advancement.  


Raid check - A world can only have one raid active at a time. 


In order to complete a raid, all ducks part of the raid must be slain. The health bar of the raid drops per duck slain. Once a raid is completed, it spawns a boss duck where the player is standing.


Raids can only spawn in a 100 by 100 area fo the player so they are easier to find.

Duck bases and camps

Ducks can build camps, which look like villages. 



1: The design of the Quackenator was partially based of FNAF??? don't ask me on this one

2. The Duck Army is a powerful variant of the duck raids. Upon defeating it, the Quackenator will spawn.

3. The stone variant of the duck camp can generate very buggily. (idk mcreator)

4. The plasma blade can sometimes strike lightning when a mob is hit.

5. The Quackenator's voiceline was done by one of my friends. The line is also based on Minos Prime's intro speech.

6. These beautiful graphics here are done by Sandara. Thanks a lot!