Fairy Dragons!

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This is a mod that adds cute pets to minecraft for you to hatch and tame!



NOTE: For those of you who have downloaded the file over the past two days, please make sure you download the full mod which is called dragonmod1.21.jar.


The dragons will now fight for you when tamed!

Dragons with ranged attacks: blue and obsidian dragons

Dragons with melee attacks: lime, white maple and ruby dragons.


The dragons will also follow you even if you are not holding a dragon treat.



Blue, Silver and Lime dragons can be found spawning naturally here! You can also find their nests too!  (Silver ones are rarer)


The scarlet bamboo forest is full of fallen leaves, scarlet bulbs and shrooms. You can also find obsidian and maple dragon nests here.

The two dragon types that spawn naturally here are the Obsidian and Maple dragons.


Life cycle:



The lime dragon is the most basic and common dragon, and is not hard to find in the Sparkling Forest.



Although you will need diamonds to hatch its chrysalis, this dragon is easy to find in the sparkling forest.



As this dragon is one of the most pretty dragon, hatching its chrysalis requires the rare silver dust . Silver dust requires silver pods, which are hard to find.



The maple dragon is the most special dragon of them all, as it has one horn on its head not like the two horns of the other dragons.



The obsidian dragon is special as it has a dark body colour. To get it, be prepared to mine 36 obsidian and some crying obsidian!



The latest addition to the Scarlet Bamboo Forest biome, this dragon has ruby horns and rubies on its body.


Dust Recipes:


Other Recipes:

The Dragon Treats are for taming the dragons.


Put the egg on the Egg Hatcher



Have fun! C:


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