Punch Wool Off Sheep

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The Mod That Lets You Punch Wool Off Sheep


This mod let's you punch wool off sheep.



History - 

Back in the day's of the Minecraft Beta, you could punch wool off sheep. This feature was removed in Beta 1.7

This mod allows you to punch wool off sheep.


Why - 

Punching wool off sheep is a cool feature and now this mods lets you punch wool off sheep again


Is this mod required on the client to work -

No, the mod is not required to be installed on the client, it allows players to punch the wool off sheep if it is only installed on the server 


Doesn't X mod already do this - 

Probably, I didn't look for any other mods that let you punch the wool off sheep before making this mod that lets you punch wool off sheep


Does this work with the sheep from X mod - 

Probably, if the mod developer has set it up correctly, this mod should allow you to punch the wool off of modded sheep


Does this mod have any configuration - 

Yes - This mod lets you configure if wolves or other mobs should be able to punch the wool off sheep


What does this mod do?

This mod lets you punch the wool off sheep.



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