The Maze World Mod

41,442 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 1, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2  


 The Maze:

There is a whole new dimension that is filled with one infinite maze

The Maze can act as a fast way to travel but can you find the way to where you want to go?

Right click the ground with either the Maze Transporter or the Maze Locationeer to travel in or out of the maze

the Locationeer shows where you will land when you use it in its tooltip

the location to transport to for each quarter chunk is randomised within "superchunks"

Maze Biomes
    • Maze 1 (Bedrock)
    • Maze 2 (Dungeon)
    • Maze 3 (Stronghold)
    • Maze 4 (Quartz)
    • Withering Maze----Based on nether Fortress
    • Firey Maze----Based on the nether
    • Cave Maze----stone walls floor and ceiling with ores scattered around
    • Precious Maze----Rare, Made of Blocks of Coal, lapis, redstone, iron, gold, diamonds and emeralds
    • Flooded Maze----Full of water
    • Peaceful Maze----Grass with only animal spawns
    • Mesa Maze----Clay walls red sand floor
    • Desert Maze----Sand floor and cactus
    • Ice Maze----walls and floor of ice
    • Rainbow Maze----maze using ALL the colors of wool
    • Ender Maze----Endstone floor, obsidian pillers, ender crystals, Endermen
    • Forest Maze----Trees, Wood, leaves and spiders
    • Swampy Maze---- LilyPads, slimes and witches
    • Village Maze---- Buildings and Money Stealers


  • MiniEnderDragon --- Spawns in Ender Maze
  • MiniWither---- Spawns in Withering Maze

Other Mods

Mod list

    • Lucky Block Mod(new biome)
    • Ore Spawn(new biome)
    • Applied Energistics 2
    • Forestry for Minecraft
    • Thaumcraft
    • Tinkers Construct
    • Mariculture

Cave maze Gains ores from these mods

Precious maze gains Ore storage from these mods

Modded Maze Biomes

  • Lucky Maze----A maze entirely made of lucky blocks (potentially the most deadly biome I have made so far)
  • OreSpawn Cave Maze----There were so many ores in OreSpawn the dried spawn eggs got their own biome in the maze(there is a rare chance of finding an intact Queen spawn egg)





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