Mumbo's Redstone Additions

33,185 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 28, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod adds several Redstone add-ons based on ideas described in a video by MumboJumbo.  These add-ons provide new components that achieve tasks not currently available in Minecraft.  The specific features are listed below: 



The New Redstone Components:

  • when a signal is applied the block it is pointing at is rotated
  • comes in Clockwise and CounterClockwise and 180Flip variants
  • Will rotate entities within the block in front of it (0.3.3)
  • up to 16 can be chained together adding together their rotations
  • sneak click holding a rotator to rotate a block in the world
  • punch an entity with one to rotate it (0.3.3)
Power Piston:
  • a piston that can push up to 24 blocks
  • with sticky variant
Signal Extending Repeater:
  • Just a repeater but it takes 4 times as long to unpower, extending the signal
Entity Detector:
  • detects when an entity is in front of it
  • apply power to any side other than the back to disable
  •  defauts to a field of view of a radius of 10 blocks and 45 deg off of the pointed direction
Redstone Capacitor:
  • takes on the signal strength of whatever is nearby
  • but loses that signal strength over time if it is the strongest signal provider
  • will keep signal indefinitely if nothing is using it
  • is pushable by pistons (needs block below)

 Redstone Resistor:

  • drops a redstone signal that passes through it by 4

Bluestone Dust:

  • looks like redstone
  • acts like redstone
  • but does not connect to redstone
  • and is blue (by default)

Wireless redstone:

  • 3 blocks, Wireless Reciever, Wireless Lever and Wireless Button
  • the wireless reciever will power up if there are any on inputs (Wireless Lever or Wireless Button) within range (15 blocks) that are the same color (channel)
  • sneak right click to shift through the colors (channels)
  • there are 3 main colors (channels) +1 command only color (channel)

Block Placer:

  • Places Blocks in front of itself
  • Plants can be placed on top of a block in front of it
  • saplings and crop placement can be disabled in the config
  • acts like a dropper for anything that can not be placed
  • Id list in the config can disable any desired block from being placeable

Block Breaker:

  • Breaks the block in front of it
  • can only break blocks pushable by piston
  • pushes all entities
  • Id list in the config can disable any desired block from being broken

Recipie book:

  • "Mumbo's Redstone Additions Recipies"
  • knowledge book unlocks all Recipies from this mod
  • found in misc. tab


They allow the construction of new and unique contraptions that would not be possible otherwise.

what they might be...

...the creative people of the internet will find out


Mumbo's Idea Video:

Mumbo's response video:


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