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Extreme Decorations



Alters are like beacons but somewhat cheaper. Each alter is limited to doing one thing. 

A tier 1 alter needs to be placed on a Column block that matches the base of the alter to work(except the speed one use glowstone column)

There are 9 status effect beacons so far:

  • Water Breathing
  • Fire Resistance
  • Jump Boost
  • Haste
  • Strength
  • Regeneration
  • Speed
  • Health Boost
  • Saturation

Are you unsatisfied with the lack of variety when it comes to fences.  

Are you unhappy about the limited types of stairs.  
Do you find the half slabs uninspiring.  
Are you so rich that you are unable to think of ways to use it all.
Then this is the mod for you.  
This Mod adds fences, fence gates, walls, slabs, stairs, doors, ladders, carpets, buttons, trapdoors, bookshelves, signs, bricks,large bricks for every block that is a full cube.

Make your fence out of diamonds to show off your wealth.
Make your stairway out of TNT but be careful because explosions make it explode.
Make mini bushes by placing a halfslab of leaves on a log fence.
Craft a door out of bedrock because you can.
And much much more.

The Build All Decorations Block found in the misc. tab just place it on a super flat world and right click it untill it is gone.


I have added a way to get an infinite supply of many blocks provided you have a lot of it to spare. these Alter Generation blocks when active will slowly spawn Grains of the material it is made of.  8 Grains like a furnace/chest = 1 Bit, 8 Bits like a furnace/chest = 1 Chunk like a furnace/chest = 1 Block of the material it is made of(1Block=8 stacks of Grains)

how to make it (top view)

  • B=Bookshelf made of X
  • S=Stairs made of X
  • A=Alter on top of X
  • BSB
  • SAS
  • BSB