The Backrooms

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(image credit: slice)


This is a mod all about the backrooms. If you want to learn more about the backrooms, head over to the wiki!

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(image credit: slice)




"You were living a normal life. Normal friends, normal family, normal … ground. One day, on the way home, you suddenly noclip through the once-solid ground beneath and fall several stories down. Once you come to, you're in a monotone hallway with yellow floors and walls. Is it … your grandmother's house? Exploring more, the hallways just go on and on. You think that you're the only one there, until the monsters arrive."

- The Backrooms Wiki


This mod is one that adds the backrooms, neverending mono yellow rooms for level 0, concrete walls and cement flooring for level 1, and each of the other levels with its own unique properties. This mod poses a challenge for anyone who uses enderpearl's a lot, as a way to get in is if one of your throws fails and you noclip in. Be sure to also make sure to be careful of suffocating in any falling block, as you might noclip into the backrooms from there too!


If your plan is to go to the backrooms, you best come prepared, as the only food source you can get there is rotten flesh. You're going to need food as you'll be running around aimlessly trying to escape. Little do you know there are things after you, and if you didn't bring any weapons, your only choice is to pray.


Each level includes multiple ambient tracks to make the player feel more immersed in the gameplay, sound design is very important for this mod, and music is no exception. (though a music-less version can be downloaded from my discord server (just in case you have bad internet)) Ambient sounds other than music are my top priority, we need to get a good library before we add anything.




Videos, resource packs, and other things made by the community.


(The mod's official trailer)


(A mod overview)




This project is a fabric mod, do not mistake this for a forge mod.

This project is for 1.16.3 do not mistake it for any other version.




Most music is made by our good friend, Angel Craig.

Angel Craig has a Bandcamp, so please go support him if you want!

Angel Craig also has a Patreon, go support him there too!


Some record discs are made by Amber Forest

They make great music! It isn't ambient music, but rather a plethora of different genres.

Go listen to their music, it's really good.


Some music was also made by LudoCrypt (me).

I also have a Bandcamp, so if you want, support me as well!

I also have a Patreon, so support me there too if you want!


Some textures were made by TheRedstoneRazor. Their youtube is linked here.




(As of 1.3.0+)

The mod has levels:

Level 0

- Normal

- Decrepit

- Redrooms

- Dotted Rooms

- Red Dotted Rooms

Level 1

- Normal

- With Lights Off

Level 2

- Hall's That Stretch For Miles

- Hall's That Are Shorter, and With Turns

- Hall's That Have A Lot of Turns

Level 3

- Normal


(Pseudo) FAQ


Will you move this to forge/will a forge version come?


Will you move this to x.xx.xx version?

No, I will not. I feel running two versions will be too difficult for me.

How do I play this mod, it won't load for me!

This is a fabric mod, a tutorial can be found here.


(Actual) FAQ


Are there entities?

There are no custom mobs or entities as of now. Right now the backrooms only use vanilla entities. I am waiting until I get a good modeler before working on entities.

How do I enter?

To enter, you can either suffocate or by throwing an enderpearl, a small chance to enter from that.