Adventurer's Toolbox

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Adventurer's Toolbox


Adventurer's Toolbox is a mod that allows for the creation of custom tools and weapons from a variety of different parts. The aim is for all the tools and materials to be balanced against vanilla, to avoid adding unnecessary or unrelated content, to maintain decent mod compatibility, and to keep things as simple as possible. To that end, there is nothing else in this mod besides the tools, the tool parts, the guide book, and rocks, which are like gold or iron nuggets, but for cobblestone. All tools and parts are made with the vanilla crafting table, and although the mod adds no new materials, it allows for tools and tool parts to be made with a number of common materials from other mods.


To get started in-game, just craft any tool head to receive the guidebook.


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  • Tools
    • Pickaxes
    • Axes
    • Shovels
    • Hoes
    • Hand Picks
    • Hammers
  • Weapons
    • Swords
    • Daggers
    • Maces
  • Documentation
    • A detailed guidebook


  • Disable Vanilla Tools
    • Removes the recipes for vanilla tools, and attempts to replace instances of vanilla tools in crafting recipes from other mods
  • Hide Uncraftables
    • Prevents tool parts made from unavailable materials from being shown in the creative menu or JEI

NYAQs (Not Yet Asked Questions):

Q: How do I craft tools?

A: Look in the guide book to see what parts you need, and then place all the required parts in a crafting table in any configuration.


Q: How do I get the guidebook?

A: Craft any tool head, or combine a book with any tool head in a crafting table.


Q: Will you backport this mod to 1.2.5/1.4.7/1.5.2/1.6.4/1.7.10/1.10.2?

A: No, sorry.


Q: When will you update the mod to the latest Minecraft version (assuming I haven't already)?

A: Whenever Forge is released and stable, and I have time to do the porting.


Q: Can you add support for [material] from [mod]?

A: Maybe. Depends on whether or not I want to/think it's necessary/hate the other mod even more than I even hate myself.


Q: This is just a copy of Tinker's Construct!

A: While I can't say there aren't similarities between this and Tinker's Construct (that's sarcasm, by the way), Adventurer's Toolbox is generally much simpler, smaller, less powerful, and more grounded than Tinker's Construct. If you think that makes this mod worse, then don't use it.


Q: I found a bug!

A: Please create an issue on the mod's Github repository, which should be linked at the top of this page.


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