Dynamic Trees - Thaumcraft Compat

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Dynamic Trees - Thaumcraft Compat

Adds Dynamic versions of Thaumcraft's trees


Dynamic Trees | Thaumcraft


The Dynamic Trees mod makes vanilla trees beautiful, complex and realistic. It improves vanilla trees so much, that modded trees look unsightly in comparison. I made this mod to replace the trees from Thaumcraft with dynamic versions so that they won't look out of place alongside the trees from Dynamic Trees.

Trees This Mod Replaces

  • Greatwood
    • Have a chance to generate covered in cobwebs with a surprise underneath
  • Silverwood
    • Silverwood logs emit a small amount of light
    • Silverwood leaves will slowly regenerate vis in the aura when it falls below the base value for that chunk
    • Shimmerleaf plants generate around them
    • Can yield quicksilver drops when harvested


This mod does not have it's own config file, but it will respect changes made to the Dynamic Trees config.

In order to disable Thaumcraft's tree generation, this mod disables tree generation in Thaumcraft's world config file. I'd prefer that I didn't have to do that, but I didn't really have any other options. Thaumcraft's world config will not be affected if tree generation is disabled in the Dynamic Trees config.


This mod requires Dynamic Trees version 0.7.7+ and Thaumcraft 6.1 Beta 10.


Feel free to include this mod in any modpacks, no need to ask for permission.


If you have any questions, leave a comment or ask me on discord.


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