Test Tube Animals

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Test Tube Animals (Item Models added in 1.2.1)

See https://bitbucket.org/queekusme/test-tube-animals/wiki/Home for more getting started info (WIKI still WIP)

Check out the Road Map for information about future updates and features 

14/12/16 - I have taken the hard decision not to continue development on this mod. I won't stop modding however I have no further interest in developing for it. Thanks for the all the kind words about this mod, It's been fun to work on. - Queekusme 


26/10/16 - Sorry for no updates and for not pushing a fix for the latest versions of Forge, I am currently REALLY busy with University work. Updates will be slow/non-existent until closer to Xmas time. I will upload a fix and the 1.4 update when I can however it has been pushed down my list of priorities. Please accept my apologies. - Queekusme


Test Tube Animals adds several new features to the vanilla Minecraft game which allow players to collect DNA Samples from mobs, and then grow more of the mobs for which they have samples.


Collect samples using a syringe, process them in a centrifuge and a splicer, and grow new mobs using an incubator.


The mod adds several new items, the ones that you will need to look into getting first are:

A Syringe

- Needles

- Test Tubes

- A Centrifuge (and Motor)


Collect samples using the syringe (consuming a needle) by left clicking on a mob.


Transfer the sample to a test tube using the crafting bench - Recipe is shapeless (Filled Syringe + Empty Test Tube)


Spin the Test Tubes with samples in the Centrifuge (requires motor) This converts the Blood sample into DNA Samples of differing completeness. Be careful not to burn the samples, *hint* don't let the red bar fill, each time the red bar fills a random genome will denature. However, you may get lucky and none will denature. The Centrifuge will continue to process until the sample is removed or the motor burns out. Hoppers will remove completed test tubes automatically


Once you have processed the samples you can then break them down into genes in order to combine and build the sample back up to a completeness of 100%. Place two genes to be combined into the splicer and the output will be a gene which contains the combined DNA of the original samples. Recombining the genes back into a test tube sample allows for further processing and the eventual result of a new mob appearing



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