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Filename TerraForged-1.15.2-0.1.0-BETA-4.jar
Uploaded by dags_
Uploaded Jul 11, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2   +2
Size 1.24 MB
Downloads 17,657
MD5 d12dc3c332f81e758d31ac2aacb02254
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions



  • 1. 0.1.0 is not backwards compatible with worlds started on 0.0.14 and below
  • 2. Newer versions of the beta may break compatibility with previous versions of the beta
  • 3. Do not open github issues for anything relating to the beta. Please use #beta-discussion on discord instead

Everything in the beta is subject to change and is being made available for testing purposes and should not be considered stable for production/modpacks etc. Certain features may not yet be fully complete or functioning as intended


  • - Fix single continent mode being completely borked
  • - Improve wetland terrain generation
  • - Add toggle button to show coords on the preview map
  • - Make sure lake config is visible in the settings ui
  • - Renamed river settings to reflect their use in the new rivergen system
  • - Limit structure spacing sliders to help reduce user errors
  • - Increase shrub chance in marshes
  • - Allow mountain biomes to override riverbanks