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TellMe is an informational mod for Minecraft. It is primarily meant for mod pack makers, mod developers or other users who need some technical type information about the game or some settings. It has various commands for dumping registries, for listing loaded entities/tile entities/chunks/dimensions, for counting blocks or biomes in a given area etc.

Note: All the dump files go in the .minecraft/config/tellme/ directory and have the current timestamp in the filename.
Tip about the dump command: you can use the type all to run all the dump types automatically, without having to type each one in manually.

In the 1.14.4 and later versions, the available "top level" commands are:

  • batch-run - runs commands from text files inside the config/tellme/batch_commands/ directory
  • biome - prints a bunch of information of the current biome to chat
  • biome-locate - samples biomes on a grid and outputs the closest location of each unique biome
  • biome-stats - counts the biomes in a given area
  • block-stats - counts the blocks in a given area
  • dump - can dump all the game registries and a few other types of information
  • dump-json - a specialized version of dump, only for blocks and items, to output the data in JSON format
  • holding - prints information and the NBT data (if any) from the item in the player's hand
  • loaded - list loaded chunks, dimensions, entities or tile entities in a given area or in all loaded chunks
  • locate - searches for blocks, entities or tile entities by name from a given area or all loaded chunks
  • looking-at - prints some basic information and the NBT data from the block (and tile entity) or entity the player is looking at

Command arguments/usage

In the 1.14 and later versions, I would recommend just using the command suggestions and completions to see the usage of each command.
For this to work, you should have the mod on both sides. If the mod is on the server side, it's not required on the clients, but the command suggestions for most arguments won't work without the mod on the client. Currently in 1.14.4+ the mod also only works when it's present on the logical server side, so either in single player, or on the dedicated server.

Old information for the 1.12.2 and older versions of the mod:

Currently implemented commands

  • /tellme biome
    • Note: Before version 0.4.0, there were the options [ current | dump | list ]
    • Note: Starting from version 0.4.0, these options are gone. Simply run /tellme biome to get information about the current biome. The list of all biomes is now retrieved via the /tellme dump biomes or /tellme list biomes commands.
  • /tellme blockstats [ count |count-append | dump | query ]
    • /tellme blockstats count <x-distance> <y-distance> <z-distance> - Counts blocks from an area around the player.
    • /tellme blockstats count <x-min> <y-min> <z-min> <x-max> <y-max> <z-max> - Counts the blocks in the given area.
    • /tellme blockstats count all-loaded-chunks - Counts the blocks in all currently loaded chunks
    • /tellme blockstats count-append - Like the above count commands, but the counts are added to the previously stored values instead of clearing the old data first
    • /tellme blockstats dump - Dumps the block stats from the previous count command into a file in the config/tellme/ directory.
    • /tellme blockstats dump modid:blockname[:meta] modid:blockname[:meta] ... - Like above, but only dumps the specified blocks.
    • /tellme blockstats query - Prints the block stats from the previous count command into the server console.
    • /tellme blockstats query modid:blockname[:meta] modid:blockname[:meta] ... - Like above, but only prints the specified blocks.
      • Supported filter formats for query and dump are: 'blockname' for vanilla stuff only, 'modid:blockname' or 'modid:blockname:meta' for everything.
    • An example of the blockstats dump output:  https://pastebin.com/raw/GArBQMjd
  • /tellme <dump | dump-csv | list | list-csv> <type> - where type is one of:
    Dumps a list of all the registered things of the requested type to the console or a file, depending on if you use the dump or the list command.

    The -csv variants of the dump and list commands format the output data in the CSV format (with one space after each comma). The non-csv variants format the data in a nice ASCII table, like shown in the examples.

    Note: If this is done on a dedicated server, then the block and item lists won't have the sub blocks and sub items, since those need client-side-only methods.
    Note: All other dump types except for blocks, items and entities, were added in version 0.4.0 (or later).

  • /tellme loaded <type> <all | by-chunk | by-type> <dump | list> [coordinates] [dimension] - where type is one of:
    Note: All the entities commands take one of all, by-chunk, by-type as the first argument and then either list or dump as the second argument, then the area or chunk coordinates for the -in-area or -in-chunk command variants, and then finally optionally a dimension id.
    So for example:
    /tellme loaded entities-in-area by-type dump ~-64 ~-64 ~+64 ~+64
    /tellme loaded entities-all all dump

    all - prints ALL entities
    by-chunk - groups the results by chunk
    by-type - groups the results by entity or tileentity type

  • /tellme lookingat [adjacent] - prints debug info from the entity or block being looked at. This is just an alternative for the debug items. If the adjacent argument is given, then the block info will be for the block adjacent to the one looked at (on the side being looked at).
  • /tellme holding - Prints info and dumps the NBT data of the item currently being held. An alternative to the debug item.
  • /tellme locate <block | te | entity> ... - Finds blocks or TileEntities or entities within the requested chunks or areas
  • /tellme track ... - Can print or log (run-time only, for dumping later) certain events. Currently these are: chunk load, chunk unload, entity join world
  • /tellme biomestats ... - Prints out the found biomes and their relative percentage in a given area, according to the biome generator (ie. what would be generated with the current generator, not what is stored in the chunks if those differ). Example: https://pastebin.com/raw/7Gq7LRZX
  • /tellme biomelocate ... - Finds the closest position of biomes to a given starting point. Uses a simple grid sampling/searching algorith, and the interval is adjustable. Example: https://pastebin.com/raw/wXPuqHpZ
  • /tellme batch-run <filename> - Runs the commands from a text file in config/tellme/batch_commands/<filename>. Empty lines and lines starting with a '#' are ignored (comments).

Entity and Block/TileEntity information

  • You can get the NBT data of Entities and TileEntities by right clicking on them with a gold nugget.
  • Some very basic information will be printed to the game chat.
  • The full NBT data for the object in question will be printed to the server console.
  • If you are sneaking while right clicking, then the information will be dumped into a timestamped file in the config/tellme/ directory.
  • An example of the data dump from a Zombie Pigman: http://pastebin.com/raw/5jyZd0Jz
  • An example of the data dump from a block with a TileEntity (a vanilla Chest): http://pastebin.com/raw/st6QYPEP

Item information

  • Right click with a Blaze Rod to print the information of the item that is to the right of the Blaze Rod in your hotbar.
  • Sneak + right click to dump the information to a timestamp file in the config/tellme/ directory.
  • An example of the data dump from a custom mod item with NBT data: http://pastebin.com/TnDYLHdN


If you have ideas or suggestions for useful commands, let me know!
If you have ideas or questions or feedback, or maybe you just want to hang out, you can join us on Discord: