Telebeacons [Forge]

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Telebeacons is a vanilla-styled mod for Minecraft that adds in a few blocks that allow you to turn a beacon into a full blown teleportation network.


The mod adds these blocks to the game:

  • Redirector - allows the redirection of a beacon's beam. Note that redirecting the beacon's beam nullifies any effects it was giving players in its radius. Place it above a beacon, and right click the bottom face to open it. Right clicking any face will switch it between closed (not projecting a beam) and open (projecting a beacon beam). Place other redirectors and open them for receiving and so on. This network of beacon beams is the foundation of your teleport network. At any point in the beam you may place stained glass or any other modded beacon coloring block. This will change the "network channel" of all subsequent transceivers connected to that beam "branch".
  • Transceiver - accepts a beacon beam on any side, may be placed facing upwards or downwards. When it's powered with redstone and has a beam coming into it, it will project a 3x3x3 particle field shifted two blocks above or below it, depending on its orientation (one block of space between the teleport field and the transceiver). When an entity enters a transceiver's teleport field, it will be transferred to either another transceiver that is receiving the same color (picked at random if there's more than one on the network) or a non-colored transceiver, preferring a colored one.

    Each redirector drains some beam strength in order to put the beacon beam on a new course (or courses, depending on how many faces are open). The more tiers a beacon has, the more corners the beacon beam can take. 


A Transceiver block cannot be connected to more than one beacon at a time. Attempting to connect it to two networks at once will fry the transceiver through quantum superposition.





  • You can use this mod in your modpack.
  • You are not allowed to repost this mod to other sites without providing a CurseForge download link and my permission ( Zeitheron on Discord)
  • You are not allowed to include this (or any other mods of DragonForge team) in your own mod. Building addons, however, is allowed, but a friendly PM would be good.


  • The only supported version of minecraft is the latest one that this mod exists for. DO NOT ASK TO DOWNGRADE!

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