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Techemistry aims to be a full-featured chemistry-based tech mod for 1.14.4+ inspired by the likes of NuclearCraft, Mekanism, and RotaryCraft



Requires Chem Lib & 'A Lib'

Mod is unfinished, still needs lots of testing


Current Machines:

-Solid Fuel Heater: Generates heat, heat is required for the Calcination Chamber, Smeltery, Steam Boiler, Electrolyzer, Reaction Chamber, Fermenter, and Distillery in varying amounts. Currently this is the only way to generate large amounts of heat

-Solar Heater: Slowly generates heat (capped at ~400K) during the day when it can see the sun

-Gas Collector: Passively collects gas from blocks/entities below it, like oxygen from leaves or methane from cows.

-Calcination Chamber: Used to process compounds in a low-oxygen environment. Currently it is mostly used to create (coal) coke and to convert sulfide minerals into oxide minerals (which can be processed in the smeltery)

-Smeltery: Used to smelt (mostly) oxide compounds into ingots, requires a flux and coke

-Maceration Station: Your standard tech mod pulverizer/grinder/macerator/crusher thing. Requires a gear to run, which degrades as the machine is used. Each gear material has different stats

-Steam Boiler: Boils water to provide steam to a Steam Turbine above it

-Steam Turbine: When provided with steam from a Steam Boiler, generates RF/FE

-Electrolyzer: Used to initiate chemical reactions that are hard to initiate through other means (like purifying alkali metals)

-Reaction Chamber: Used to initiate general chemical reactions like acid-base reactions that don't belong in other machines

-Fermenter: Uses a fermentable substance and yeast to ferment said substance

-Distillery: Used to 'distill' items. Currently the main purpose is to distill products from the fermenter to convert into ethanol which can be used as fuel.