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Welcome to Think Big Corp's core Mod used by all of our Creations. Think Big Core (TBC) is a Library that contains base code used to make our mods function. Additionally it adds a command "/thinkbigcore", which is used for debugging and testing features; you can also use the command to ride a Creeper if that's your thing.


Installation and Troubleshooting

 Make sure you have Forge Mod Loader installed, then put Think Big Core into the "mods" folder inside of ".minecraft" or your server's "mods" folder. Make sure you have the appropriate "version" of TBC for Minecraft. It's also recommended to use the latest version of Java, Forge, and TBC. Side Note: older versions of TBC (1.8.9 or lower) conflict with Too Many Items (TMI) since both mods add Spawn Eggs for Snow and Iron Golems. To fix, disable "extra spawn eggs" within the TBC's configuration file, located inside ".minecraft/config/ThinkBigCore".



Please read before asking any questions


Q: What is the Point of this mod, why would you make this?

A: This is a Utility mod; it makes our other stuff work, listed here.


Q: Are you still making updates for Minecraft 1.X.X?

A: If It is listed under our CSV Yes.


Q: I Downloaded "Your Mod-X" and Think Big Core, but The Game won't load!

A: Make sure you have the latest version of "Mod-X" and Think Big Core, and that you're running on the correct Minecraft Version.


Q: I Installed Think Big Core with Not enough Items and I can't open the Item menu!

A: Update Think Big Core, or change "Extra spawn Eggs" in the config file to false.


List of Mods

Potato Power Craft

         Ad Inferos        


     Lots of Things      


Global Permission

Applies to all of our mods, please read before doing anything outside of personal use




Yes you are allowed to make and monetize videos. If you create a review of our mods let us know! We'd love to watch it and maybe, just maybe list it on the mod page.



You may use our mods in your modpack, provided that you abide by the following:

- DO NOT monetize your modpack.

- Provide credit to Think Big Corp and link the mod page  (on Curse Forge).

- DO NOT modify the original source, unless special permission is given by the Author.



You may use our mods on your Public or Private Server without permission.



You may use our mods in your public or Private Maps. We'd also love to hear about any map that includes our mod!

Terms of Usage

By downloading any of our mods you are agreeing to our TOU

 You agree and are bound to this TOU by utilizing software (mods) in any personal or commercial environment. You also acknowledge that this agreement is subject to change without notice. If you do not agree with this TOU then you forfeit your right to use any our of software (mods) for both personal and commercial; Any copies of software "mods" made by Think Big Corp must be DELETED from all of your storage devices (Computers, PIN Drives, Clouds, Phones, Disc, etc...).

Under this TOU you agree that you will not republish any of our software "mods" on any site. You also agree not to modify any of our software for anything other than personal use or non monetized education; this means that using a modified version of Think Big Core is forbidden in modpacks, servers, and websites. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL ANY THINK BIG CORP "" FILE BE CHANGED. Under this agreement you wave all rights to any warranty, all Think Big Corp software is provided as is without warranty. We are not liable for any damage caused by misuse or unforeseen software errors or "bugs" from our "mods". Always Backup before installing mods.


Current Supported Versions (CSV)

Our Current Supported Versions list here are the Versions we will be writing updates for.

 Minecraft Versions: 1.11.2 and 1.12.2


© 2015-2019, Dexter Lowery ~ superdextor and Think Big Corp


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