Potato Power Craft

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Potato Power Craft


Version 1.1


Welcome to the World of Potato Power Craft© The Potato is more powerful than Ever! Potatoes can be used for Combat, Building, Farming (in new ways), Transportation and much Much More! Potatoes come in many many Variations Classic, Ender, Golden, Enchanted and Pure Potato Power! Potatoes can be Obtained many different ways Hunting, Mining, Farming and Dungeons. Do you have what It takes to harness the Potato's full Potential?


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The Potato Biome will naturally generate in the Overworld, it's home to many forms of Potato Wild Life and Structures. The most common creature is the Potato Cow, Pig, Sheep and many Others. Its been reported that the elusive Pet-Tater will spawn as well. Potato Biomes are not only rich in Potato Stone, but also Potato Ores can be found. Bringing forth an alternative way to fine Potato Power.



The Potato Portal is a gateway into the Potato Dimension, But in order to create such a Portal you will have to place Potato Blocks in the classic Portal Shape, Then Open with a Tater-Key. To Obtain Tater-Keys, you will have to search in Potato Dungeons.




The Pet-Tater is a very uncommon creature, found only in the Potato Dimension or Potato Biomes. Pet-Taters are passive till provoked, they can be tamed with Potato Meat and will fight in Combat for you. Pet-Taters can be bread with Golden Potatoes.



Uncle Tot wants You!

Join the Potato Army! Craft yourself a set of Potato Armor and a Sword and prepare for battle! Different Potatoes can have many Effects on your Weapons.


Installation and Troubleshooting

Make sure you have Forge Mod Loader and Think Big Core installed, then put Potato Power Craft into the mods folder inside of .minecraft or your server's mods folder. Provided you are using Potato Power Craft on the appropriate Version of Minecraft, and have no conflicting mods you will be good to go!


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