Potato Power Craft

34,904 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 4, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

Potato Power Craft

Home to the Potato Dimension

From Rotten Potatoes to Cosmic Potatoes. Potato Power Craft seeks to include every potato imaginable.
But wait, not only are there 52 Items. PPC also includes Mobs, Blocks, World Generation, plus, a Dimension!


Potato Collection

Every plantable potato. Each type is derived from a material with respective attributes and usages.



Large Potato

Naturally generates in the Overworld & Potato Dimension.



Potato Portal

Gateway to the Potato Dimension. The frame is constructed of Potato Blocks. Right-click with a Cosmic Potato to activate.



Potato Dimension (day)

In the Potato Dimension: daytime is calm except for the occasional flying buddy. Everything is derived from Potatoes here.



Potato Dimension (night)

Best to stay indoors. Night is rough: mobs inflict poison, launch potatoes, & cause much pain.



Potato Dimension (caves)

Underground are plenty of potatoes to be found of all shapes and colors. Best to bring some Sacks to haul everything.




First, install Forge Mod Loader, make sure the Minecraft Version for Forge & Potato Power Craft match.
Launch Minecraft with the Forge Installation. This will create a mods folder in %AppData%/.minecraft
Download Potato Power Craft, then, copy the .jar file into %AppData%/.minecraft/mods (Windows file directory)
Success! Potato Power Craft is installed. Create a New World and try it out!



Pictures from 1.12.2 release



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