Lots of Things

116,744 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 16, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2





Mystery Cube - Drops random items and mobs when broken. Found on the Surface.
Guns & Ammo - From Pistols to Miniguns, Sniper Rifles, Flamethrowers, & Bazookas for everyone.
Throwable Items - Smoke Grenades (16 colors), Shrapnel Grenades, Iron Hooks & Rocks





Mystery Cube
Drops various Items, Mobs, & More when broken. Try timing it to choose a reward. Found randomly on the surface.



Guns, Parts, & Ammo
Every crafting recipe for weapons including: Airsoft versions, parts, & ammo.



Golden Golem -> 75HP        Emerald Golem -> 150HP        Diamond Golem -> 200HP        Ruby Golem -> 250HP



Riding Lawn Mower
Capable of cutting glass, shrubs, flowers, along with damaging mobs upon collision.



72 unique items (127 total Items
6 unique blocks (10 total blocks)
7 unique mobs (9 total entities)






for Windows

First, install Forge Mod Loader, make sure the Minecraft Version for Forge & Lots of Things match.
Launch Minecraft with the Forge Installation. This will create a mods folder in %AppData%/.minecraft
Download Lots of Things, then, copy the .jar file into %AppData%/.minecraft/mods (Windows file directory)
Success! Lots of Things is installed. Create a New World and try it out!



Pictures from 1.12.2 release


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