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From the creators of Star Worm Equestrian Mod (SWEM), we bring a complementary mod which adds invisible lighting to block brought by a touch of magic! Our star worm goop, associated with our star worm ponies, helps give your vanilla blocks an invisible glow to help keep monsters away and avoid garish lighting which may ruin your designs!

--------- This mod has no dependencies but is designed to work with our sister mods; SWEM, SWDM & SWLM. ---------


For details, suggestions, and questions - check the spoilers down below or visit our wiki/discord!

Bugs must be reported to our Github.



SWLM Adds:


 ✮ Mineable Star Worm Cobble


 ✮ Star Worms


 ✮ Mortar and Pestle


 ✮ Star Worm Goop


 ✮ Glowing blocks! 




 ✮ Star Worm Cobble



 ✮ Star Worms


 ✮ Mortar and Pestle


 ✮ Star Worm Goop


 ✮ Glowing blocks! 

Add star worm goop to any vanilla block (now compatible with SWDM blocks!) on any tile in a crafting table.

Visit our wiki for the full list of available blocks.






// This mod applies to vanilla specific building and decorating blocks (including wools, concrete, and lapis blocks).

// SWLM works best without shaders. Shaders lighting effects might look a tad funky if default settings.

// SWLM is small and straight-forward. It should fit it to any mod/pack without conflict. Be warned, this mod only has an effect on vanilla blocks and items from our sister mods (for now)! Contact us on discord to discuss mod integration.



         Owner and Production Lead   ||   AlaharranHonor
         1.18 Dev  ||  Legenden (1.18 Port), Quarris (Additions), Mothfet (Missing Blocks)
         1.16 Dev Recode  ||  
Silverwolf (Primary), Legenden (As Needed)
         1.12 Dev Recode  || 
         Resources and Textures   ||   SWE/M Texture and Model Art Team
                  See website for full credits list.


         Under SWE/M   ||   All Rights Reserved
         Code   ||   If you'd like help with your code or would like to help SWE/M, please contact us! We are closed to public but still want to help other programmers!

Modpacks and Videos:

         Can I use this in my modpack(s)?   ||   Yes! No credit is required but please contact us so we can play too!
         Can I make a video using SWEM?    ||   Yes! Let us know so we can report it for our community to see!



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