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From the creators of Star Worm Equestrian Mod (SWEM), we bring a complementary mod which adds a plethora of new, vanilla style, survival friendly blocks and variations of existing minecraft blocks. This mod brings sand variations, chains, and bar types originally intended for it's parent mod, SWEM, but to a larger level as a separate mod.

--------- This mod has no dependencies but is designed to work with our sister mods; SWEM, SWPM & SWLM. ---------
--------- We HIGHLY recommend using Ferritecore with SWDM for exponentially better performance. ---------


For details, suggestions, and questions - check the spoilers down below or visit our wiki/discord!

Bugs must be reported to our Github.


* Note: This mod will remain decor only and plans to base solely off of vanilla mechanics with little deterrence.
* Note: This mod is intended to be compatible with SWLM and SWEM, but all are stand-alone! One mod does not and will never require the other!
* Note: Comments have been turned off because we are not accepting suggestions for content at this time. Please refer to our discord.



What this mod includes:

* vanilla style additional blocks and form variations to existing blocks


 ✮ Stair/Slab/Wall/Pressure Plate variations of logs, stones, wool, new blocks and leaves


 ✮ New decorative leaves with flowers and new colors


 ✮ Light/Medium/Dark variations of stone-type blocks


 ✮ Tinted wool and carpet variations


 ✮ Roofing blocks


 ✮ Coated chains


 ✮ Mirrors


 ✮ Glass and bar variations


 ✮ Cottage bricks (TBA)


 ✮ New trap door/door variations in all wood types, leaves and stone






* This decor mod is vanilla style and survival friendly


* It's copious block recipes can be found here on our wiki 






         Owner and Production Lead   ||   AlaharranHonor
         Dev   ||   Legenden (Primary), Quarris (1.18 Additions)
         Resources and Textures   ||   SWE/M Texture and Model Art Team
                  See website for full credits list.


         Under SWE/M   ||   All Rights Reserved
         Code   ||   If you'd like help with your code or would like to help SWE/M, please contact us! We are closed to public but still want to help other programmers!

Modpacks and Videos:

         Can I use this in my modpack(s)?   ||   Yes! No credit is required but please contact us so we can play too!
         Can I make a video using SWEM?    ||   Yes! Let us know so we can report it for our community to see!



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