Star Worm Equestrian (Upgrading Horses)

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We are Star Worm Equestrian Mod (SWEM)!

Upgrading everything Minecraft Equestrian. Model, tack, animations, armor, decor- all of it and soon to be more!

For details, suggestions, and questions - check the spoilers down below or visit our wiki/discord!

Bugs must be reported to our discord.


Current Versions: 1.16.5, 1.18.2, 1.20.1 | Phase 1.5 [FORGE]

Our ★ additions to the game:

✮ Custom model and animations

✮ Separate gaits!

Training and bonding

✮ Colored variants and full sets of functional English, Western and Adventure Tack!

           ✧ Bridles, Saddles, Girths, Blankets, Leg Wraps, Earnets, Breastcollars! Complete with Saddle, Bridle, and Armor Racks.

Pasture Blankets and Armored Pasture Blankets in 16 colors!

✮ 112 Coats in game!

           ✧ From bays to grays to splashes and more... and secrets?

✮ Functional armor with wings + extra cosmetic horse armors. (Flight only available in 1.20.1)


Food and Water Systems!

           ✧ Functional feeders, buckets and troughs

 Stall Doors


And more...




Here is a showcase of some (not all) of our custom animated horse model and player!






One of our 5 levels of jump!




A trailer for our recreation of Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron, created by Redzeal. Find more content on our official youtube channel!


Check out Peachy's '10 reasons why I love SWEM' video! It showcases our in-game items, tack, and jumps + how to use them!


An episode of Redzeal's SWEM-based RRP series!


Brooke's short and sweet guide on looking after your SWEM ponies <3




SWEM is no longer open source, however we are always looking for help! If you would like to contribute to the mod, join the discord linked at the bottom of the page to inquire about how you can aid development and/or maintaining SWEM's resources.



Q: Please can I have a custom coat?

A: We will not be making custom coats. You are free to make your own coat for a texturepack or commission someone to make one for you.


Q: I have a suggestion for the mod! Where may I contact you?

A: In our discord, we have a channel dedicated to our suggestions named #suggestions-faq. There you may also search for previous suggestions and our plans to instate said suggestions.


Q: What are the phases and what are we on?

A: Originally, Phase One was our Adventure Release, focused on upgrading everything horse for survival mode. Horse model, coats, animations, skill levelling, stable care, training equipment, horse armor, and equestrian decor were worked on for this.

    Phase Two was our planned English/Western Release. Focused on fluffing equestrian servers with all those pleasantries and upgrades. More saddles, more tack, more horse models, more animations, more decorations, more coats, breeding and genetics, illnesses, and options.

    Phase Three was our planned Alight (magic) Release. The biggest and last release would be completely based on adventure, including a prebuilt dimension with lore, layers of exploration, new blocks, new mobs and mythical equines, and new things to discover.

We are currently in a sort of a "Phase one-and-a-half," where Phase One is completed and some features of Phase Two are present, however development will not majorly continue to finish everything we had planned; instead, we will be working on devving features the community votes for and focusing on bug fixes. More information is available on our discord.


Q: How may I donate?

A: Donations to support development can be made through our Ko-fi. More information on these and their purposes/perks can be found in our discord's how-to-help channel <3


Q: How do I download mods? What are this mod's dependencies?

A: Please use Google or Youtube to find out how to download forge and mods. This mod requires geckolib and playeranimator.

Q: Will you update/backport to [version]?
No. Development is entirely focused on 1.18.2 and 1.20.1, and we will likely only be taking on a new version if Forge was to offer Long Term Support for it.

Q: Will you make the mod available for Fabric?
A: No. We do not have the developmental resources to manage updating for two separate modloaders.

Q: I found a bug, where should I report it?
You can report bugs in our discord's bug-reports forum. Bugs for 1.16.5 will not be fixed, and your bug will not be addressed without a formal report.




         Owner and Production Lead   ||   AlaharranHonor
         Dev   ||   Legenden (Primary)
         Resources and Textures   ||   SWE/M Texture and Model Art Team
                  See website for full credits list.


         Under SWE/M   ||   All Rights Reserved
         Code   ||   If you'd like help with your code or would like to help SWE/M, please contact us! We are closed to public but still want to help other programmers!

Modpacks and Videos:

         Can I use this in my modpack(s)?   ||   Yes! No credit is required but please contact us so we can play too!
         Can I make a video using SWEM?    ||   Yes! Let us know so we can report it for our community to see!


 ----->    Looking for a modpack to play SWEM with? Try the SWEquestrian Starter Pack!

----->     Don't forget that Star Worm Lighting Mod and Star Worm Decor Mod are built to go with the SWEM mod!




 Stay up-to-date on our socials!

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